Stay Productive During Pandemic Time, After Class Talk #3

Stay Productive During Pandemic Time, After Class Talk #3

Stay Productive During Pandemic Time, After Class Talk #3. It is hard to stay productive during this pandemic. By staying at home, and just as necessary to get out of the house, it is considered for some people as turning off the creativity so that the life feels less useful.

However, being productive does not mean being busy. Because we should do most of our activities from home, our creativity is needed and even sharpened to keep life during the pandemic.

We can do a lot of things to stay productive although we just stay at home. This is also what the speakers wanted to share at the After Class Talk # 3: “101 Ways to Stay Productive during Covid-19 Pandemic”.

Taking place on Tuesday (13/10) afternoon through a zoom meeting, this event presented three speakers with various ideas to stay productive during the Covid19 pandemic. The first speaker is Ayuba Jobarteh who is an international student at Telkom University from Gambia.

Then there is Ragid Pramudia who is currently studying at Telkom University majoring Fine Arts at School of Creative Industry. And finally, Annisa Trisdianti shared her experiences and insights regarding photography.

Apart from being a student, Ayuba is also an entrepreneur and fitness trainer. He shared insight on how to stay productive during the pandemic.

Keeping oneself productive and healthy is his choice. Started by picking healthy food, and doing daily routine such as sports, associate, socialize, and study. Of course, it is done by help of technology, such as keep in touch with friends.

He also concerns about clean and friendly environment to support him being productive. The last is being consistent to make a hobby out of what you love.

Here some options from Ayuba to stay productive and healthy. The first option is doing sports you love, like jogging, workout, or Muay Thai. He admitted to do sports 4 times a week or everyday if he had time. The second option is diet control to ensure our body is health. Try to eat less junk food, eat home cooked meals, less fat consumption, or eat more fruits and vegetables. He told that healthy man is a happy man.

The next option is doing things that adds value to our life. It can lead to our goals to still staying positive and happy. Thus, it is important to be in the company of like-minded people.

The second speaker is Ragid, who shared his expertise in artwork, especially in painting and design. Ragid, who was born in Muaraenim, South Sumatra, has a myriad of achievements in art, especially painting.

Some of his achievements include top 10 drawing challenges by Bijak and USAID Indonesia, Winner Batik Stamp Competition by US Embassy Jakarta, 1st winner calligraphy competition by MTQ Telkom University, 2nd runner up Bukit Asam Innovation Award for nonorganic waste, top 10 finalist Kilauan Subang Batik design , and become Indonesia representative at Asia World Mun Cultural Performances.

According to him, being productive can also be started from a hobby. He shared that his experience in pursuing the hobbies of painting, drawing, and designing had taken him further and gained many achievements.

Ragid also chose to go out styles as his painting style. The choice of this style is based on his desire to explore further and become a place for him to express himself. At the end of the session, he showed his skill in painting with watercolors on an old cardboard. Landscape paintings with blue skies, white clouds, and a beautiful mountain atmosphere bring a happy impression when we see them.

The last speaker is Annisa Trisdianti or commonly called Ms. Flo. She is official Bandung photographer for Sweet Escape, and also an English instructor in Language Center Telkom University. She also freelance writer, and she consider herself as mediocre traveler who has finished Australia and South East Asia. Flo said she would rather work on something positive and pleasant than be sad during pandemic. And so she starts to do virtual photoshoot. It is actually photoshoot sessions but done remotely using a video call application. It allows us to do photo sessions without leaving our home.

She made sure that the quality of virtual photoshoot isn’t as fine as direct photoshoot. It is only for fun. To do virtual photoshoot we may need a stable internet connection and prop up smartphone camera because a good resolution camera can determine the result.

The next important thing is communication with the model. a virtual photoshoot will require you to take on the roles of photographer and director. After sharing session, Flo take all participant to do a fun practice of virtual photoshoot. With the model on the screen, she leads all participants to optimize smartphone camera and doing photo sessions with the model.(IO)***