Resume and Public Speaking: The key to the Future OJC 2023

Resume and Public Speaking: The key to the Future OJC 2023

Resume and Public Speaking: The key to the Future, OJC TelU and UniKL 2023. The 2nd session of the OJC TelU and UniKL raised the topic English for Business. It talked about Resume and Public Speaking, which was successfully held on Monday, November 6, 2023. English as an international language holds a very important aspects in any field, including in business. English and business are two things that cannot be separated nowadays, especially when we must elevate our business to the international level. Creating an outstanding resume and being an amazing public speaker can be two of main aspects of English for Business.

On this 2nd session of OJC TelU and UniKL, two excellent lecturers, Dr. Iis Kurnia Nurhayati from Telkom University (TelU) Indonesia, and Dr. Latipah Nurdin from Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Malaysia, explained attractively about outstanding resume and public speaking material. Yep, as we have already known that outstanding resume and public speaking hold an important aspect in telling people (manager or employer) our capabilities and positive information.


The Powerful Media of Resume and Public Speaking

The 2nd session of OJC TelU and UniKL was continued to the explanation of what resume is. Resume is the key to open the door of your future where most of the employers want to know you beforehand through your resume. Why is a resume very important? Because it is one of marketing tools that will sell the best of you to the employer. Typically, the employers want to see you first on a paper (resume) before seeing you in person. So, creating your best resume might be the best solution to achieve a better future.

One of the speakers in a 2nd session of OJC TelU and UniKL also explained about the sections of a resume, which are contact information, objective statement, summary of qualifications, experience, education/training, employment history, and referees. As for referees in the resume, try to avoid the name of parents. We, however, may put our supervisor during your industrial training program or your own lecturer at university, but let them know that they are going to be our referees in our resume.

The next important aspect for English in Business besides an outstanding resume is being a great public speaker. Communication skills are your ticket to work. Nowadays, everyone can have their own platform for public speaking in the digital era and the use of digital literacy is not only an asset but also a need.

Lately, there are dozens of platforms that public speakers can use as some of the media to deliver subjects that we want to share. We, nowadays, have also to become media savvy who are not only the ones who consume the content but also produce the content on social media.

Through this 2nd session of OJC TelU and UniKL: English for Business, we’ve already known the importance of resume and public speaking in seeking the better future in our life, whether it is for having a job or in a business field. Thanks to Dr. Latipah who explained the subject on an outstanding resume and to Dr. Iis who gave us the description on a public speaking.

Keep updated with Online Joint Class of Telkom University and Universiti Kuala Lumpur and thanks to all students from TelU and UniKL for joining today’s OJC under the topic English for Business that mainly discuss about outstanding resume and public speaking. Can’t wait to see you all at the next OJC Telkom University and Universiti Kuala Lumpur Series.