Digital Economy In OJC TelU And UniKL 2023

Digital Economy In OJC TelU And UniKL 2023

Digital Economy was the first theme in OJC TelU and UniKL 2023. Digital economy changes the world. On November 3rd, 2023 Telkom University and Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Malaysia joined hands to hold the OJC UniKL and TelU in Digital Economy that changes the world. This digital economy in OJC UniKL and Telkom University has captivated more than 50 participants from Telkom University and Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. On this OJC TelU and UniKL in Digital Economy, Mr. Sunu Puguh, S.T., M.M. and Dr. Nur Hazwani explained clearly about the digital economy.

Digital Economy that changes the world
The explanation began with the meaning on digital economy that refers to an economic system driven by digital technologies and the internet. Some components that affect the digital economy are the internet, mobile devices, e-commerce, social media, and cloud computing. In the future, digital economy is set to carry more weight in the future as well as the internet of things, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, blockchain, self-driving cars, and other technology developing.

The digital economy is characterized by a shift toward digital technologies, connectivity, and virtual interactions, while traditional economy activities often involve physical assets, face-to-face interactions, and more traditional forms of commerce. The explanation on digital economy was continued to the four decisions in entrepreneurial strategy by Gans et al, which are 1. customer, 2. technology, 3. identity, culture, and capabilities, and 4. Competitors.

Digital economy also mainly relates to some of the aspects, the first one is intellectual property. It maintains control of the innovation and finds a way to create value within the existing marketplace. It also focuses on being an idea factory. The second one that holds the important aspect in digital economy is value chain. The value chain focuses on creating value for partners in the existing value chain. The next aspect is architecture that creates and controls a new value chain, often using a platform of business. Digital economy holds closely to disruption that compete with the incumbent and impress them with fast changing, such as the use of e-market that has replaced traditional one.

Everyone can make better marketing strategies by creating the digital economy. It is proved by the top ten companies that were successful in fostering digital economy activities, such as Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Tencent, Netflix, Paypal, and Tesla.

So, OJC TelU and UniKL participants, are you ready in digital economy era and to elevate your business one step ahead? Remember what has been explained by our two great speakers, Mr. Sunu and Dr. Hazwani on digital technology, then.

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Keep enthusiastic with OJC and can’t wait to see you all on the next OJC Telkom University and Universiti Kuala Lumpur Series.