Research Collaborative Program: Tel-U & 5 Korean Universities

Research Collaborative Program: Tel-U & 5 Korean Universities

Research Collaborative Program. Telkom University School of Electrical Engineering collaborated with 5 famous universities in South Korea: Hanbat University, Hannam University, Chungbuk University, Hongik University, and Handong University to hold a program called a Research Collaborative Program. This program was held for 6 days, started from 6-11 August 2023. For 6 days, all lecturers, staff, and students, also committee members had some fun. They experienced all academic related activities as well as excursion. On the last day, Friday August 11, 2023, the event was closed by the research presentation from Telkom University students and all students from 5 famous Korean universities.

On the research presentation day, all the students were split up into 7 groups consisting of students from Telkom University and students from South Korea. Each group conveyed the idea on the presentation day about the research program they have done earlier, mostly about creating one technological device that could help activity of society and be helpful for them, such as for farmers. In their research presentation, they had to come up with the idea of Project Background, Problems and Solutions, Goals, Detailed System Explanation, and Completion. At the end of the research collaborative program, called presentation session, there were three sessions conveying the idea in presentation, forum of answers and questions from lecturers, and the closing.

The first presentation was opened by the team of Automated Guided Vehicle in Warehouse. Then, continued by the second team who had done some research in Autonomous Agriculture Vehicle (AAV). Later on, the third group came up with the idea for their research and created device on Self Charging Solar-Powered Drone. Another group, which was the fourth group, conducted the research and created one technological device that’s aimed to help coffee farmers. They named their research with Automated Weather Station. The research collaborative program was continued by the next presentation delivered by fifth group, who was doing research about Artificial Nose-International Cooperative Capstone Design when they had their time together. The sixth group conducted the research on Pick to Light System and last but not least the seventh group closed the presentation on the research collaborative program with Drone for Long Distance Delivery.

On this special day of research collaborative program, one of the lecturers from Telkom University gave his special impression toward the research collaborative program. On his speech, he said that he was thankful for this research collaborative program because the collaboration in 2023 was the fifth program held by Telkom University. On top of that, he was amazed by the students who could conduct research for short period of time, came up with some brilliant ideas, and finished their project. One representative from South Korean University also conveyed his messages and impression and said that he was particularly grateful to Telkom University and all committee members for this research collaborative program for having them and taking care of Koreans with full of hospitality.