New: What’s Up Telkom University? Series

New: What’s Up Telkom University? Series

New: What’s Up Telkom University? Series. International Office of Telkom University presents “What’s Up Telkom University?” This is a new video series that reveals the stories of Telkom University students. Being a student at the “best private university” in Indonesia is not all about studying and doing assignments, of course. There are various experiences of joy, fun, and sorrow that combine to accompany the learning journey. Through this new video series, we would like to engage with the viewer especially prospective students, about Telkom University including, program offered, mobility program, facilities, sport, career and some other stories experienced by the students in happy, joyful, and sad moment.

New What’s Up Telkom University this Whole Year

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New “What’s Up Telkom University?” will be published based on the theme in each month. For March-April edition, “What’s Up Telkom University?” will present some stories of being the IOSBC members. IOSBC, short for International Office Student Buddy Club, is a student organization under the auspices of the International Office whose main function is to support International Office activities. They are Habib, Muti, Ezar, Nisa, Yusron shared their experiences as Telkom University students as well as IOSBC members including fun stories, funny stories, and sad stories. The highlight messages from the stories they shared are they are proud to be Telkom University students as well as be IOSBC member where they can gain amazing experiences that are not only about science knowledge and other big assignments which according to some Telkom University students are quite challenging. They can get more insight and networking with international students, and improve their English language skills.

For May-June edition, in “What’s Up Telkom University?” there will be a video series about Why Indonesia? telling about the food, the nature, the people of Indonesia. The viewer will be presented the beauty of Indonesia. There will be a discussion on kind of food, popular among Telkom University. And, there will be testimony from international students when firstly tasted Indonesian food. Besides, the viewer will be asked to explore some unique places that can be visited in Indonesia. Plus, there will be a video on how nice are Indonesia people, especially Sundanese people when it comes to meeting international students.

For July-August edition, some students will share their goals, especially their dream job. So, let say, after they graduated from Telkom University someday, they will tell the ideal career or dream job in this current situation, especially in digital era. As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic opens up many opportunities in the digital world. Thus, in this series, there will be a discussion about promising and popular jobs today and tips on how to achieve that dream job.

In September-October edition, “What’s Up Telkom University” will present a light talk about facilities in Telkom University. Students will share their activities that they can do in Telkom University and facilities supporting them. The exploration of great facilities of Telkom University will be packed in fun and light video series. Last but not least, “What’s Up Telkom University” will be wrapped with a video series about sport activities. Yup, to support good academic performance, a healthy and strong body is needed. So in this video there will be a number of sports activities that students can do during their studies. Besides that, there will be tips on choosing the type of sport that is fun yet still low cost according to the physical and financial conditions of the students.

That’s a glimpse of the New “What’s Up Telkom University” video series. Are you curious about their full story? Don’t miss the video series!(IO)***