MoU Signing: Telkom University X PT. LG Electronics Indonesia

MoU Signing: Telkom University X PT. LG Electronics Indonesia

MoU Signing: Telkom University X PT. LG Electronics Indonesia. Hi, TelUtizen and our prospective students! Here, can you guess what will happen if Telkom University collaborates with PT. LG Electronics Indonesia? Well, of course, it will bring great opportunities for us to have one of big companies as our partner. We do realize and concern that having industrial partnership is as important as having educational partnership to support our services in serving great education and excellent facilities.

Yesterday (12/2/2020), five great pentahelix elements including government, academia, community, media and industry practitioners gathered in the communication forum of the Development of Energy-Saving Technology for Electronic Products, Directorate of Electronics and Telematics Industries.

Taken place in Papandayan Hotel, Bandung, the forum was carried out some presentations, including 1) Kebijakan Standar Kinerja Energi Minimun untuk Produk Elektronika Rumah Tangga, delivered by the Head of Sub Directorate for the Application of Energy Conservation Technology, Directorate of Energy Conservation, Directorate General of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, Mr. Edy Sartono; 2) Pengembangan Teknologi Inverter pada Produk Pendingin Ruangan, conveyed by the Rector of the Bandung Institute of Technology and Science (ITSB), Prof. Dr. Ir. Ari Darmawan Pasek, M.Sc.; 3) Pengembangan Produk LG untuk Mendukung Program Hemat Energi, employed by the Engineering Part Leader of PT. LG Electronics Indonesia, Fiki Yudhiantoro; and 4) Peran BTP dalam Mendukung Pengembangan Teknologi Industri Elektronika dan Telematika, presented by the Director of Bandung Techno Park of Telkom University, Dr. Maman Abdurohman,S.T., M.M.

Having had an interactive discussion on the topics of the presentation, Telkom University, represented by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, and PT. LG Electronics Indonesia, represented by the President of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Seung Min Park signed MoU on the Program Synergy between university and business actor. The cooperation will include:

  1. The implementation of Training and Certification both for LGEIN employees and students of Telkom University
  2. The LGEIN grants to Telkom University, in the form of electronic products and research Instrument tools
  3. Provision of apprenticeship opportunities for students of Telkom University at LGEIN offices and production facilities.
  4. LGEIN’s participation in seminars, conferences & exhibitions organized by Telkom University.
  5. LGEIN and Telkom University collaboration on the research activities regarding LG products marketed by LGEIN.

The agenda was continued to the discussion on the MoA implementation between Telkom University and PT. LG Electronics Indonesia. In that occasion, Soni Fajar Surya Gumilang, St.T., M.T., the Manager of Strategic Partnership discussed the detail implementation of the cooperation.(IO)***