ACT (After Class Talk) Episode 1: Culture Sharing

ACT (After Class Talk) Episode 1: Culture Sharing

ACT (After Class Talk) Episode 1: Culture Sharing. Started on February 18th 2020, After Class Talk Episode 1 was attended by 17 students including 4 Telkom University students and 13 International Students from Malaysia, Tunisia and Timor Leste. Located at Tel-U Coffee, most famous hanging out spot for Telkom University academia, they shared various knowledge and experiences regarding their own culture while drinking coffee.

After Class Talk is a new program presented by International Office of Telkom University to bridge Indonesian students and International students to exchange knowledge and information as well as thighten up a good relationship among them.

The topic chosen for the first episode of this program is sharing culture. Valarie Kaksing Baraok, a student of Universitas Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) shared her experience when eating Indonesia foods. She said that all Indonesian foods are too spicy for her. Meanwhile, Nanda, a student of Telkom University said that he really missed Indonesian foods, especially rice when he was in Malaysia. He stated that it was hard for him to find plain rice since they only had flavoured rice in Malaysia.

Beside sharing about their culture, the students from Malaysia also shared their experiences when studying in Telkom University. They found it amusing when they did not need to wear a formal outfit as they usually wear in UTHM. Other students from Timor Leste also shared their experience regarding their study in Telkom University. They said they really like to study in Telkom University because it offers a study program that they need.

Sharing and listening to what they have in mind regarding the culture is very interesting. Valianda Farradillah, a student of Telkom University stated that she became more open-minded and got a lot of new friends from overseas by joining this program. After Class Talk Episode 2 will be conducted on March 18th, 2020. Join us by registering to this following link: See you on next Talk!(IO)***