Live Sharing Session Eps. 2: How to Overcome “Corona Anxiety”

Live Sharing Session Eps. 2: How to Overcome “Corona Anxiety”

Live Sharing Session Eps. 2: How to Overcome “Corona Anxiety”. After sucessfully holding Live Sharing Eps. 1 under the theme “Covid-19 and How to Prevent the Spread”, International Office of Telkom University continued to hold the second episode with the topic “How to Overcome Corona Anxiety” on April 9th, 2020.

This episode was designed to discuss more about the anxiety toward the Covid-19 outbreaks. We cannot denied that many people feel so stressed facing this global pandemics. It surely decrease the immune whereas we need to boost the immune to keep healthy and stay away from the coronavirus. Thus, through this live sharing session, International Office invited the experts, Dr. Saladdin Tjokronegoro, SpBTKV, and psychiatrist, Ms. Sarah Aisha S.Psi., M.A., to share some tips to deal with “Corona Anxiety”.

This second live sharing session was attended by 81 participants from various countries including Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Gambia, Madagascar, China, Yemen, Cambodia, and many others. All participants were so active during the question and answer session. They were curious how to keep healthy and cope the corona anxiety.

From what the experts explained in the live sharing sesion, it was concluded that to face the Corona Outbreaks we need to be RESPONSIVE rather than REACTIVE. It’s normal to be anxious of something but still, we have to check the level of those anxiety; whether it’s still in mild level, moderate level, or severe level.

If we are in the severe level, dont hesiate to share and ask for help to the expert one (psychiatrist). Thus, first thing to do when we want to overcome the corona anxiety, we need to know our limit. If our anxiety get worse whenever we read the news, the second way to deal with COVID-19 anxiety is we need to do social media distancing, especially media which informs the corono outbreaks; just limit and recheck the information.

Rather than reading the news, the third way is let’s be more productive. Try to find out our new hobby; explore what we can do during social distancing. Understand our thought, feeling, and needs. Let go of what we cannot control; just focus on learning and growth. Make goals that include a well-being plan.

The last but not least is keep mindful and thankful for what we have and we have done. We do aware that there are so many people out there are going through the same thing with us. So, remember that you are not alone. We can fight coronavirus together by firstly we cope the anxiety.

See you on the next Live Sharing Session eps 3: “Stay Positive During Corona Outbreak”. Stay healthy everyone, and remember “this too shall pass”.(IO)***