Lecturers and Employees of Telkom University Vaccinated!

Lecturers and Employees of Telkom University Vaccinated!

Lecturers and Employees of Telkom University Vaccinated! In collaboration with the Bandung Regency Health Office, Telkom University underwent the first dose of Covid-19 synovac vaccination which took place at the campus buildings, Saturday (10/4).

According to Dr. Anisah Firli, Director of Secretariat and Strategic Planning who is also the Chairperson of Tel-U Siaga Covid-19 (Telsico), 1.075 Telkom University’s lecturers and employees have undergone a vaccination process held by Tel-U with the Bandung Regency Health Office. “The number of lecturers and employees who undergo this vaccination consists of elements from the leaders, lecturers, staff, to security officers and cleaners,” she explained.

Vaccination is carried out while still implementing health protocols. It was done simultaneously in 3 locations, where all lecturers and employees must wash their hands and have their (lecturers and employees) temperature checked first. There are officers who keep everyone at a distance to avoid transmission.

“This vaccination is carried out for one day with a plotted schedule, in order to avoid crowds,” she added.

Lecturers are the priority group for vaccination. All lecturers in Indonesia got their vaccination.

Lecturers are Vaccinated

Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya hopes that after all lecturers and employees of Telkom University have been vaccinated, Telkom University can immediately hold face-to-face lectures just like before pandemic. “We hope that all lecturers and staff in Indonesia can be vaccinated immediately, so that the teaching and learning process can return to normal, and hopefully after the teaching staff is vaccinated, all students in Indonesia can also be vaccinated,” he said.

Prof. Adiwijaya added, hopefully with the implementation of this vaccination, it can stop the spread of Covid-19 and end this pandemic. “Thank you to all lecturers and staffs who are willing to be vaccinated today, I hope we will always be given health, and I advise you to adhere to health protocols until this pandemic is over,” he explained.(IO)***

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