ISUGA, France Visited to TEBS

Institute of Management (IM Telkom) was increasingly recognized in international arena, this is proved by attendance Sophie Baron the representative of the Institute de Management EuropeAsie (ISUGA) visited the college under the Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) this Thursday (25/4/2013). Sophie, who was accompanied by Ratri Wulandari from Francis d´Indonesia Institute (IFI), described some possible collaboration between the two institutions could be run.

The cooperation will be forged one of which is an intensive exchange of students and as an internship. For double degree by new ISUGA with China, whereas with Indonesia in the realm of internship. For students will be conducted in Indonesian ISUGA in Paris during the French entered the summer break, while for IM Telkom made ​​education student for 1 semester at ISUGA ie in September-December or JanuaryMay For students who are interested should get a good French pemebekalan min 6 months , said the Head of the Secretariat Manager IM Telkom, Lia Yuldinawati, ST., MM.

Requests directly received by the Rector IM Telkom, Dr. Husni Amani, MM,. M.Sc; Vice Rector for Academic Affairs IM Telkom, Dr. Tower Ramantoko; Senior Manager YPT Admission Center, Dr. Maya Ariyanti; Manager International Office YPT, Dra. Yani Nuraeni; Mia Midiani Ofiice of International YPT.

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