Our vision to ‘become a World Class University in 2017 ‘ planned to be a hub university among the continents for educations and research collaborations. To build an International University, Telkom University must have any connection to another organization and university abroad and internationalization create an important role for that.

International Office Telkom University have a vision commited to support Telkom University to be acknowledge as World Class University. From that phase we support activities on education, research, and community services to be brought to international community. We take part for developing international network and collaboration between Telkom University and other foreign institutions and providing excellent international student services.

Telkom University create network with some organization and university around Europe Continent, such as:

  2. Partner’s NameProfileTitle of PartnershipPartner SegmentExpiry Date of MOU
    Saxion UniversityIs one of Dutch vocational univesity with four campuses located in Eastern Netherlands. Saxion consisted of eleven academies representing different field of specializations.Student Exchange, Joint Degree,Double Degreeand Joint ResearchAcademic19/06/2017
    Fontys UniversityIs the largest Dutch university of applied sciences with several campuses located in southern Netherlands.Over 3,500 outof the 44,000Fontysstudents come from abroad;represent more than 70 countrieswith a large delegation from Germany.Double Degree Program, Loan and Internship ProgramAcademic11/10/2018
    Twente UniversityIs auniversity, located in Enschede, Netherlands.It offers research and degreeprogrammesin the social and behavioral sciences and in engineering. Inkeeping with its entrepreneurial spirit, the University is committed to making economic and social contribution to the region of the Netherlands where it is based.Studentand Faculty Exchange,Joint Research, PhD Project, and Joint InternationalConference.Academic19/06/2019


  4. Partner’s NameProfileTitle of PartnershipPartner SegmentExpiry Date of MOU
    (F)- French EmbassyIs the French diplomatic mission that spread all over the country, include Indonesian. Represent the interests of France and French citizens in Indonesian.Develop ‘Saung Perancis’ or France Corner for introducing French culture, language course, and information sharing on scholarship in FrenchAcademic
    Institut Eurécomisa French graduate school and a research center in communication systems based in the international science park of SophiaAntipoliswithin the new CampusSophiaTech, which brings together renowned universities such asTELECOMParisTechand other European Universities.Double Degree Program,Joint ResearchProgramAcademic02/01/2017


  6. Partner’s NameProfileTitle of PartnershipPartner SegmentExpiry Date of MOU
    Magdeburg UniversityWas founded in 1993 and is one of the youngestuniversitiesinGermany.
    The university inMagdeburghas
    about 14,000 students in ninefaculties.
    Students ExchangeAcademic


  8. Partner’s NameProfileTitle of PartnershipPartner SegmentExpiry Date of MOU
    University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwesternisa state-accredited university of
    applied sciences: this unique concept
    in Swiss tertiary education is
    designed to meet professional needs in education, research and consulting.