International Student Outbond 2019

International Student Outbond 2019

International Student Outbond 2019. International students of Telkom University had a fun activity with international officers and local students through International Student Outbond, held on November 23, 2019 at Situ Cileunca, Pangalengan, Bandung. Waking up in the very early morning to have 2 hours trip to Situ Cileunca did not seem tiring as we had imagined how excited the outbond would be. Singing the oldies song together was also one way to break the ice among all international students.

Guided by the team from Palayangan River, we started the outbond by having warming up games. Stretching up our body through a fun warming up game while getting familiar with each other was the point of the games. We had full excitement when we had Color War and Water Volley Ball games. All participants were having great time to throw the colorful flour to the losing team. Yet, in the end, we all were covered by the colorful flour as like in Indian Holi Festival.

More than that, other fun games including flying fox, water rafting, and paint ball war made us dissolve in a joy. All the games were designed to have a fun competition yet to build spirit, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We were trained concentration, strategy, leadership and communication as well.

Melvinder, an international student from Malaysia expressed her gratitude for holding the outbond program. “I had a lot of fun in this program. I get to work in a team, how we did the teamwork. It’s my first time to have water rafting and I thank so much for handling this”, said her.

In line with Melvinder, we had a lot of fun and laugh during the games as they were really exciting. We also got to know each other more, appreciated the diversity among us as well. As the aim of the outbond, which was to strengthen the bond among all international students as well as the international office staff, the International Student Outbond successfully blended our diversity into one big happy family.(IO)***