The industrial revolution has galvanised businesses to collaborate in improving productivity and competitiveness to achieve economic growth and sustainability. Therefore, in the face of this industrial development, experts in the field of business are needed to support the economy in Indonesia. As a practical science-oriented study programme, Business Administration provides insights according to the real world of work through case-based and project-based learning methods.

Why should you choose Business Administration?

There are three specialisations that are the flagship of Telkom University’s Business Administration study programme, namely entrepreneurship, business analyst, and entrepreneur. The three specialisations will be supported by the Work Ready Program (WRAP), a programme designed to prepare students to be ready to enter the business world.

Study Length
4 Years (8 Semester)

Job Prospect Business Administration (Delivered In English)

Administration ManagerCompany Manager
Human Resource Professional Marketing Consultant
Entrepreneur Business Analyst
Business Consultant