Value Proposition Canvas, OJSC TelU & UiTM

Value Proposition Canvas, OJSC TelU & UiTM

Value Proposition Canvas. Another interesting program was successfully held. Value Proposition Canvas was the 1st topic presented in the Online Joint Short Course (OJSC) in Application Interface Design on Monday May 8th, 2023. OJSC including the topic of Value Proposition Canvas has attracted many students. This program is other series of the Online Joint Short Course, a collaborative program between School of Creative Industries Telkom University and Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia. Previously, we held the OJSC in 2D Animation in April 2023. Even though the activity ran online, many students actively participated in this program.

This time, the OJSC raises the theme Application Interface Design presented by Ms. Sri Soedewi, S.Sn., M.Sn. This program is divided into two sessions under the topic: Value Proposition Canvas and Main Principles of User Interface Design.


Value Proposition Canvas Highlight

Value Proposition Canvas class, ran on Monday, 8th May 2023 at 11.00 a.m. (GMT+7)/12.00 (MYT). Ms. Sri Soedewi explained the definition of Value Proposition Canvas and steps on how to create Value Proposition Design. In her explanation in Value proposition Canvas, she stated that Value Proposition Canvas (PVC) is a powerful solution allowing us to understand what our target customers want and expectations, and which way our product should go to satisfy them. The main goal is to understand our product’s value from the customer’s perspective. Value Proposition Canvas (VPC) is needed in order to improve the business that someone owns and to meet the needs of the identified customers.

Hence, Value Proposition Canvas is a tool that helps business owners to analyze, design, and choose the right solution to meet the identified customer’s needs. She also mentioned 5 important steps for Value Proposition Canvas:

  1. Select customer segment
  2. Identify customer jobs
  3. Identify customer pains
  4. Identify customer gains
  5. Prioritize jobs, pains, and gains

To check students understanding on Value Proposition Canvas, students participating in this OJSC Value Proposition Canvas were divided into 5 online groups to practice identifying Value Proposition Canvas of one product. Each representative of the groups explained the main things on Value Proposition Canvas (product and/or application) they discussed in OJSC Value Proposition Canvas.

As feedback, Ms. Sri Soedewi also gave valuable input on the students’ presentation. One this occasion of OJSC Value Proposition Canvas, Ms. Soedewi gave some of the feedbacks to the students, for example to determine age limitation (for example 17 – 60 years old) and customer segment should also have been decided, for example from middle to upper.

Much knowledge and meaningful experience that students gained through this OJSC Value Proposition Canvas. Let’s hope that the Online Joint Short Course will continue with various interesting topics. Once again, Thanks to Telkom University, Universitas Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia, the distinguished speaker, Ms. Sri Soedewi, S.Sn., M.Sn., and all beloved students for actively participated in the OJSC Value Proposition Canvas. See you all in the next interesting session under the topic Main Principles of User Interface Design on May 15th, 2023.



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