UDARAKU, Air Quality Monitor System from Telecommunications Tower

UDARAKU, Air Quality Monitor System from Telecommunications Tower

Udaraku, is Telkom University innovation for air quality monitor from telecommunications tower to solve the problem of serious damage to respiratory system.  Udaraku stands as a testament to the institution’s innovative prowess. As one of the best private universities is Indonesia, Telkom University continues to invent the amazing innovation, one of them is Udaraku. In an era where the world constantly evolves, Udaraku offers a transformative solution, promising to enhance both our lives and our environment. This amazing innovation, Udaraku exemplifies Telkom University’s commitment to aiding individuals through their inventive contributions. Indeed, Udaraku signifies a remarkable advancement towards a brighter future, showcasing Telkom University’s invaluable contribution to Indonesia through Udaraku.


Udaraku is a sophisticated innovation to check and measure the atmosphere and the quality of air based on the microsensor of PM2.5, CO2, and meteorology sensor, such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and air pressure, as well as physical sensors from telecommunications tower. The data received in Udaraku will be sent through LaRa/WiFi connection to the centre of platform that can monitor the air quality in real-time, which can be monitored as well by society and stakeholders of Udaraku.


The inventors of Udaraku, Dr. Indra Chandra together with Telkom University lecturers and students, have developed this Udaraku in the laboratory of Atmospheric Environment in Bachelor/S1 Physics Engineering Study Program, School of Electrical Engineering, Telkom University. On top of that, Udaraku has been funded from Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology of Ministry of Education Culture, Research, and Technology through a program called Bantuan Luaran Prototipe 2024 and also funded in in-kind system from The Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University, Japan, fiscal year 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024.


Indra, for Udaraku Telkom University Innovation, then, stated “Udaraku is not only giving a solution for air pollution but it is also a new solution to monitor the quality of air in order to give a contribution in the development of science and technology”.


Udaraku is expected to provide significant solutions in monitoring air quality, support better decision making, and increase public awareness of the importance of fresh and clean air for health and the environment. In addition, this Udaraku can also open up new opportunities in commercial industrial monitoring of air quality, in order to create more job opportunities and a positive contribution to the economy factor in Indonesia.

Udaraku, Telkom University Innovation in 2024!