Telkom University Welcomes Applicants from Thailand

Telkom University Welcomes Applicants from Thailand

Telkom University Welcomes Applicants from Thailand. As we announced earlier that Telkom University participated in 23rd PSU Higher Education Fair in Songkhla, Thailand on August 19th – 20th, 2019. The 2-days event ran amazingly rousing in the PSU International Convention Center involving hundreds universities from various countries. It was recorded that there were at least 160 booths of universities exhibited in the event, including 15 universities from Indonesia.

Telkom University’s booth was visited by hundreds participants who were curious about the possibility of studying at Telkom University. Most of them, for instance, who were planning to enroll for bachelor program, were interested in Engineering, communication and business studies. Besides, there were visitors from public planning to apply for Telkom University admission for master program in January 2020. They were directly assisted to apply through online application and submit all required documents there to be further processed into next step of admission selection.

While handling participants visiting our booth, we also received a visit from the Indonesia Consulate for Songkhla, Mr. Fachry Sulaiman, along with his staff. In that occasion, Ms. Lia Marlia as one of the Telkom University delegates, on behalf of Telkom University, expressed our honor and gratitude for his visit during his busy schedule. Furthermore, they also discussed several possibilities of cooperation between Telkom University and Consulate of The Republic of Indonesia in bridging the students from Thailand willing to study at Telkom University.

Telkom University has been home for numbers of Thailand students for Darmasiswa Program, student exchange program, and degree program. The similar culture has brought Thailand students closer to Indonesia. In Bandung, there are hundreds of Thailand students. And this year, Telkom University is opening special opportunity for Thailand students to be Telkom University’s student, with scholarship involved. For more info about the scholarship, click this link:

Overall, the 23rd PSU Higher Education Fair brought positive insight to Telkom University in expanding our wings in Thailand. Some cooperation has waited to be further followed up in term of international student admission as well as partnership affairs.(IO)***