Telkom University X Telkomcel Scholarship’s Recipients

Telkom University X Telkomcel Scholarship’s Recipients

Telkom University X Telkomcel Scholarship’s Recipients has announced on May 2019. After long and hard selection, from hundreds of applicants, we finally get the best candidates for the scholarship. They are Alexandre da Silva Perreira and Marcia Yolanda Das Neves.

Both are Timorese, and have given an opportunity to continue their undergraduate education at Telkom University through a partial scholarship program. They will depart for Bandung, Indonesia to begin their education at Telkom University on August 19, 2019. It is expected that they will finish their program and return to Timor Leste in next 2023.

In Telkom University, Alexandre was accepted in Interior Design at School of Creative Industry for his bachelor program while Marcia was accepted in Business Administration at School of Communications and Business. During the study they would live at Telkom University dormitory where they can meet other international students coming from different countries. This case enables them to develop themselves better in term of both academic life and social life, as a hope of Telkomcel who is committed to contribute to the development of human resources in Timor-Leste, especially in the field of education. Through this scholarship program, students are expected to be more motivated to learn and form good self-competence so that they can continue to develop the State by being the nation’s next generation who make a positive contribution to the State.

Telkomcel and Telkom University has collaborated in providing a scholarship for Timor-Leste students who have completed their study at high school level and wish to continue to the undergraduate and postgraduate program at Telkom University. This scholarship program has been implemented since 2014 and was given to 10 selected students. In past 2018, the scholarship recipients had completed their study with excellent results and had returned to Timor-Leste to pursue their career.

Generally, Telkom University is welcome all students coming from various countries to pursue their study into higher level of education. Various scholarships are also provided for selected applicants who meet our requirements. This year, Telkom University has given a scholarship to the number of students who passed certain stages of scholarship admission. Click How to Apply for more info.(IO)***