Telkom University Join Cooperation with Two Leading Universities in Ukraine

Telkom University Join Cooperation with Two Leading Universities in Ukraine

Telkom University Cooperate with Two Universities Ukraine, National Aviation University (NAU) and Kyev National University (KNU) Taras Shevchenko. (26/04/2016).

Telkom University Bandung (Tel-U) agreed on cooperation in education with two leading universities in Ukraine, the National Aviation University (NAU) and Kyev National University (KNU) Taras Shevchenko.

The signing of the memorandum of understanding of cooperation Tel-U and KNU Taras Shevchenko conducted on campus KNU Taras Shevchenko on Wednesday by the Rector, Prof. Taras Shevchenko KNU Dr. Leonid Huberskiy witnessed by Indonesian Ambassador to Ukraine accredited for Georgia and Republic of Armenia, Niniek Kun Naryatie, according to a press release received in Jakarta.

While earlier on Tuesday (26/4) Tel-U delegation that represented the Director of Graduate and Advanced Level Education Dade Nurjanah Ph.D along with Florita Diana Sari MA as a lecturer met a number of NAU representatives who terminated an agreement by the signatories to the document Rector Prof. NAU Dr. Volodymyr Kharchenko.

The initial step realization of cooperation Tel-U with NAU in the form of an international conference to be convened in the near future in Kyev, while the KNU Taras Shevchenko in June 2016 will send one of his lecturer to Tel-U embodiments exchange of lecturers and academic material for three months.

In addition to international conferences, exchange of lecturers and academic material, cooperation Tel-U with two universities also includes the exchange of information, exchange of academic journals and other publications, joint research and student exchange.

Niniek Ambassador praised the innovative step of Tel-U took both the leading Ukrainian universities, because according to her, the progress of science and technology campus can not be separated from international cooperation networks among universities as a source of knowledge.

“Especially if the source of knowledge that comes from a country that is not widely known Indonesia, which has special advantages compared to most other Western European classical university which have been the target of academics Indonesia,” Niniek, the Ambassador said.

Further Niniek express that as one fraction adinegara, the Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited the heavy industrial technology and the quality of human resources is well supported research tradition, values and quality education system that is not yet widely known among academics Indonesia.

NAU is a public university that despite carrying the name of aviation but not limiting its scope in aerospace education alone, but also possess the faculty of engineering both the computer and IT, international relations, law, economics and humanities.

University founded in 1933, has a research tradition rooted in the field of aviation technology, radar and IT.

NAU in 2017 will open new departments namely Languages Literature Eastern and plans to insert the Indonesian Language and Literature as one program of study.

The study program, had already been there in the Taras Shevchenko KNU since 2012 in cooperation with the Embassy Kyev, which followed the establishment of Center for the Study of Language and Literature Indonesia in 2015.

KNU Taras Shevchenko is also one of the universities beneficiary Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in the form of help Indonesian teachers in the program and Mobility Academic Exchange Scheme – Indonesian for Foreign Speakers or SAME-BIPA.



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