Telkom University Complete The Campus with Splendid Auditorium

Telkom University Complete The Campus with Splendid Auditorium

Bandung, 5/10/17. After success with the interior design of the library, Telkom University released the newest facility. Damar Auditorium, large studio with a capacity of 350 seats, soundproof, equipped with high-resolution projector, which is connected with a digital podium, making it easier for the performers to be able to directly interact visually through the podium.

Naming the Damar Auditorium refers to one of the island’s names on the Thousand Islands peninsula. It follows the naming of buildings in Telkom University neighborhood, there are 49 names of islands in Indonesia which became a building marker at Telkom University.

Rector of Telkom University Professor Mochamad Ashari explains is a form of effort Telkom University provides facilities for civitas academic for academic productivity continues to grow and progressives. “The academic development effort must be in line with the infrastructure, and this is another effort for Telkom University’s civitas academic to be more productive, here the facilities are adequate, so that in the future, international conferences, film screenings, and other relevant activities can be held at home (Universitas) he said.

Furthermore, Professor Ashari rate, it has become the university’s obligation to have potential facilities independently. “The visual products (film and television) of Telkom University, many of which won international recognition, various successful competitions, the Faculty and Library also have movie studios but limited (visitors), so this is a solution (for large studios)” he continued.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Resource and Responsible Facilities of infrastructure facility, Nelson Rikardo Pasaribu added that the development is done in form of support for academic works of lecturers and students of Telkom University.

“We build a physical facility, and the father of the lecturer, as well as the student who filled it with productivity, this multi-functional auditorium for the middle capacity, the thousands of seats available Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH), please use this for international research conferences, international film competitions, and other good things “he said.

Damar Auditorium stands on an area of 1000 square meters, a green area surrounded by protected forests in the university, in the future will be equipped with a gazebo that can be used as a space for relaxation of the space activists in between activities, as well as a guest house for guests who stay. “One stop conference, if the completeness of the facility to stay, there is also a gazebo to relax, discuss, and light meetings. So the focus of activities are in this one place “he concluded. -Public Relations

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