The reliability of 5G connectivity provides a higher standard of telecommunication services compared to previous generations. This phenomenon also results in a decrease in demand for traditional telecommunication services.
The S1 Telecommunication Engineering study programme is able to produce talents who can adapt to this shift in telecommunication services supported by an updated curriculum and competent teaching staff who are able to adjust to the latest telecommunication trends.

Head of Study ProgramStudy Length
Dr. Leanna Vidya Yovita, S.T., M.T.4 Years (8 Semester)
Program Contact PersonAccreditation
+62 821-1641-2415Excellent


Why you should choose Telecommunication Engineering International Class?

As the first Telecommunication Engineering study programme in Indonesia, Tel-U holds Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) programme and other practical activities to facilitate students in preparing themselves to enter the world of work. There are also double degree and student exchange programmes that can be followed by students, especially international classes.

Radio EngineerMicrowave Engineer
Radio PlannerBSS Engineer
Radio Frequency EngineerCore Network Engineer
Site Acquisition & Site ManagementCloud Architect
DWDM EngineerData analyst