Studying Media and Communication

Studying Media and Communication

Bandung, Studying media and communication is not just about speaking, but it involves learning the technical know-hows and strategies of the field. There are so many incredibly wrong stereotypes about media or communication science majors.

Studying media or communication science sometimes gives a special headache when people starts to stereotyping the students. People will assume that studying this field will ended up as a call center only or people assume that the students are lazy and only studying it means they are studying only to talk.

Little do they know studying media or communication science covers more than just a “talk”. Media or Communication Science also study behavior nonverbal messages, human psychology. Culture, new media, journalism, marketing and many more field.

Communication is being used since the Stone Age where people are still using body language to express their feelings or ideas. Communication is a part of human life and will never be separated. Communication is there, in every journey of a human life. Human cannot not communicate.

Meanwhile media is another part of human life. When hundred years ago people have to gather on the street to listen to the king’s announcement or to entertain themselves with street show. These days’ people can access everything from their smart phone or any other devices. Media is evolving really fast. Started from written media to radio, radio to television, and television to internet. Internet where we can simply access everything within a click of a finger.

Telkom University provides communication science study, where students can choose specialties in: Broadcasting, Marketing Communication and Digital Public Relation. Students will learn about new media, journalism, marketing, human behavior, culture and communications in different fields. To support these studies, Faculty of Communication and Business are equipped with labs and studios. Part of the students study are also a practical studies where the students will learn about camera equipment, photography, videography, editing. Students will be taught how to communicate accordingly to the situation, students will be taught how to do public speaking and presentation, how to do a proper marketing communication in business. This study will teach the students how to handle situation and how to be in public relation.

Telkom University isn’t only about the complete studios and labs. But also about the quality of the studies. The students will be taught by the best lecturers in their field. The lecturers will teach the students with a visually attractive Medias. Where the students will learn without making them feel bored about the subjects. Pooja/IO