QS AUR 2023: Telkom University Ranked 351-400

QS AUR 2023: Telkom University Ranked 351-400

QS AUR 2023 has been released!

The QS Asia University Rankings (QS AUR) 2023 list includes 40 universities in Indonesia. The 40 universities that are included in the QS AUR 2023 ranking are spread across several regions. Nine renowned universities, specifically for the province of West Java, are listed in the QS AUR 2023 rating. From the 9 best universities in West Java, the QS AUR 2023 version consists of 5 state universities and 4 private universities.

Telkom University managed to level up the rank in QS AUR 2023. Previously in QS AUR 2022, Telkom University was in rank 401-450, now it rise to 351-400. This ranking makes Telkom University the 1st rank of Private Universities in West Java, Indonesia which is included in the QS AUR 2023. (Cited from https://www.kompas.com/edu/read/2022/11/12/100700471/9-universitas-terbaik-di-jawa-barat-sesuai-qs-aur-2023-ada-5-ptn?page=all)

Each year, the best universities in Asia are highlighted by the QS AUR. The ranking was determined using a similar process to that of the QS World University Rankings, but with some extra indications and modified weightings. By utilizing as much information as possible and consulting regional experts and stakeholders, this set of criteria was created to reflect important concerns for universities in Asia. The following are the 11 criteria used to create the QS Asia University Rankings: Academic reputation (30%), Employer reputation (20%), Faculty/student ratio (10%), International research network (10%), Citations per paper (10%) and papers per faculty (5%), Staff with a PhD (5%), Proportion of international faculty (2.5%) and proportion of international students (2.5%), Proportion of inbound exchange students (2.5%) and proportion of outbound exchange students (2.5%).

QS AUR 2023 for Telkom University

This year, some indicators to formulate the QS AUR 2023 include academic and employer reputations, the number of staff holding a PhD, and the percentage of international students. The number of institutions in the 15th edition of the QS AUR has increased from 687 to 757, making it the largest rankings for this area to date. The largest regions represented in QS AUR 2023 include China Mainland (128 institutions), India (118), Japan (106) and South Korea (88), accounting for more than a half of all ranked institutions.

Telkom University, in QS AUR 2023, received 4.7 points in Academic Reputation, 4.8 points in Faculty/Student Ratio, 3.2 points in Employer Reputation, 1.6 points in Outbound Exchange, and 1.1 points in International Faculty.

As the achievement of Telkom University which successfully ranked 351-400 in QS AUR 2023, big appreciation goes to all Telkom University academia who always support and give their best contribution to Telkom University in this ranking process.(IO)***

QS AUR 2023 Telkom University Ranked 351-400