Online Student Exchange Program

Online Student Exchange Program

Greetings from Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia!

In order to cope with Covid-19 outbreak, Telkom University is shifting Student Exchange Program for Odd Semester 2020 into an “Online Student Exchange Program”. The program period is August-December 2020 and it can be participated by only students from partner universities. Basically, it is the same program with the regular Student Exchange Program we have. The adjustment to the program was made due to the consideration of nowadays situation where currently the world is being hit by the spread of Covid-19.

What is it?

Online Student Exchange Program is a Student Exchange Program for Odd Semester 2020 that is implemented online, where students from partner universities can attend lectures for 1 semester at Telkom University and get credit, online. Therefore, they don’t have to come to Telkom University’s campus in Bandung, Indonesia, to join this program.

What is the benefit?

  • More affordable: no need to pay for travel, accommodation, and living expenses
  • More effective: getting international credit while staying at home
  • Simpler: no need to take care of documents for visas and study permit
  • Safer: preventing the risk of exposure to the virus while staying at home

What study programs are available?

  1. International ICT Business
  2. Industrial Engineering
  3. Information System
  4. Telecommunication Engineering
  5. Informatics
  6. Business Administration
  7. Communication Science
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Visual Communication Design
  10. Multimedia System

Note: Participants are normally enrolled in 3-6 academic courses or equal to 9-20 credits.

When does the program take place?

Here is the important date for Online Student Exchange Program for Odd Semester 2020:

Confirmation of AttendanceJune-July
AnnouncementJune & July
Online meeting with Head of Study ProgramAugust
Class begin31 August

What courses can be chosen?

You can click this link to check the complete list of subjects with their descriptions: LIST OF SUBJECTS

NOTE: Please note that ONLY subjects in semester 1, 3, and 5 that can be chosen for Online Student Exchange Program Odd Semester 2020.

How to register?

Kindly click this link to register:


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