New International Students 2023, Welcome and Good Luck!

New International Students 2023, Welcome and Good Luck!

New International Students 2023. Telkom University receives 25 (twenty-five) new international students for September 2023 intake. They join Telkom University for various programs including:

  1. Regular Program: 6 (six) new international students for Bachelor Degree Program & 3 (three) new international students for Master Degree Program
  2. Exchange Program: 3 (three) new international students from Universiti Utara Malaysia for student exchange program and 1 (one) new international student from Multimedia University Malaysia for Research Exchange Program
  3. KNB Scholarship Program: 1 (one) new international student for Bachelor Degree Program and 6 (six) new international students for Master Degree Program
  4. Darmasiswa Program: 3 (three) new international students for learning Indonesian language & Culture for 10 months
  5. BIPA Course Program: 2 (two) new international students for learning BIPA Course at Language Center

For KNB new international students, starting this September 2023, they will learn BIPA Course for 1 year and start their programs in 2024. While the other new international students will start their study this semester (September 2023).

To officially inaugurate new international students, the International Office of Telkom University held a welcoming party to give a warm welcome to New International Students 2023 from across countries around the world, on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. We were so glad to meet our wonderful new international students who have already set their hearts to study at Telkom University.


New International Students 2023 Welcoming Party:

The 2023 welcoming reception for incoming international students began with a quick introduction to Indonesia and progressed to getting to know Telkom University. Ms. Indah Fajarwati, the Manager of International Office gave New International Students 2023 a lot of insight and knowledge on how to study at Telkom University as well as live in Indonesia, such as what you “do and don’t” in Indonesia. We continued the information session with Mrs. Mefty and Mrs. Novie, who were both providing New International Students 2023 with information on services, immigration, and scholarships.

The New International Students 2023 followed the occasion by strolling throughout Telkom University’s campus. They were having a good time riding in the TuC (Telkom University Car) to go around Telkom University campus. Accompanied and guided by buddies, new international students had a chance to visit some of Telkom University facilities, such as the Open Library. After the Campus Tour, new international students continued the series of welcoming party by eating Nasi Padang for lunch; some of the students were enjoying the meal and amazed at how wonderful Nasi Padang is. We also introduced them to some of Indonesia’s most famous traditional foods, including those from Yogyakarta and Palembang.

That’s a wrap for the New International Students 2023 Welcome Party. We’re glad that the students are enjoying the event. We expect more enjoyment and excitement during their time studying at Telkom University. Thank you so much, students! Welcome and good luck with your studies!



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