Japan 2022 Edutrip Report

Japan 2022 Edutrip Report

Japan 2022 Edutrip was successfully held. A total of 35 international class students at Telkom University have participated in the Japan 2022 Edutrip on Monday-Friday (31/10-4/11/22). In Japan 2022 Edutrip, participants visit universities abroad, interact with local students and lecturers, attend lectures from industry representatives, and learn about local culture.

Japan 2022 Edutrip is the last edutrip to be held in 2022. The preparations of Japan 2022 Edutrip have started since July 2022, considering that the destination country for Japan 2022 Edutrip is quite far away and requires a visa.

Japan 2022 Edutrip Details

In Japan, the participants of Japan 2022 Edutrip had the opportunity to visit the Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), listen to presentations on mobility programs available for international students, as well as scholarship opportunities. Japan 2022 Edutrip participants interact with SIT students who guide campus tours.

“This is an interesting experience. Being able to interact with students in Japan and see first-hand the activities of studying at foreign universities,” Fatya, a Japan 2022 Edutrip participants from Communication Sciences program said.

A visit to Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd (IHI) museum called i-museum was also included to Japan 2022 Edutrip. IHI representatives held a class session for Japan 2022 Edutrip participants to provide a clearer picture of the company’s activities to the Japan 2022 Edutrip participants. This is one of the most important activities in Japan 2022 Edutrip, because it provides a new perspective on science for Japan 2022 Edutrip participants.

Since Japan 2022 Edutrip is also an immersion program, Japan 2022 Edutrip participants was invited to visit Mount Fuji, Asakusa Temple, Nakamise Street, Kawaguchi Lake, and Oshino Hakkai Village. There, Japan 2022 Edutrip participants interacted with local residents, practiced their English skills, and had direct contact with local culture. Which is good for Japan 2022 Edutrip participants international exposure.

“Japan Edutrip 2022 is an experience I will never forget. I think Japan 2022 Edutrip is very important and must be followed by Telkom University students in the future. It’s fun!” Zhillan, a Japan 2022 Edutrip participant from International ICT Business said.(IO)***

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