Integrated Marketing Communications, OJC TelU & UniKL

Integrated Marketing Communications, OJC TelU & UniKL

Integrated Marketing Communications: OJC TelU and UniKL is an interesting topic to join. On this special day of OJC TelU and UniKL, November 8th, 2023, some of great speakers as well as lecturers from Telkom University, Dr. Sampurno Wibowo and Ms. Sri Widaningsih, S.Psi., M.M. and from UniKL Ms. Aruna Azariah Rajendram explained clearly the description, function, and usage of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Marketing communications should be integrated because unintegrated database will cause many problems. Customers will be confused because they will receive various experiences and information from company or organization. Customers, therefore, need a consistent experience, and it can be achieved by integrated marketing communications.

Integrated Marketing Communications in Business

Integrated marketing communications needs various communications channels that are required to be coordinated and integrated carefully by the companies so that communications will be delivered in a clear and consistent way about the organization/company and its products.

To market some products, people tend to choose advertising method to introduce and promote their product to customer. There are many tools of promotion for advertisement, such as broadcasting, printed media, internet, and outdoor advertisement that are also important in marketing. Moreover, Integrated marketing communications will support the advertisement promotion that will attract consumers to buy the product. Discounts, coupons, displays, and demonstrations are the example of sales promotion.

In integrated marketing communications, determining the communication objectives is important. Communication objectives depend on stage of buyer readiness. If a seller wants to sell a product that is new to a customer, try to make an awareness to a buyer. Awareness can create knowledge, then grows to liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. When customers get convinced by the product, a seller can offer some promotion or discounts to a customer, and as a result, a customer will purchase the product.

In business with integrated marketing communications, AIDA holds an important aspect:

  • Get Attention
  • Hold Interest
  • Arouse Desire
  • Obtain Action

Integrated marketing communications and business seem to complete each other. In the business world, there are many good products but do not sell well because business owners require integrated marketing communications.

Business owners are you ready to elevate your business and to be successful entrepreneur? Integrated marketing communications is the best answer.

Thank you, all the speakers for giving us such a valuable knowledge on OJC Telkom University and UniKL: Integrated Marketing Communication.

See you all on the next OJC Series!