International travel documents are things which needed to be prepared for traveling abroad. Some of the International travel documents are Passport and Visa. Passport is used as an International Identification card-based while Visa is required as a permission card to enter a country. For a visiting visa, it’s only needed if destination country  is addressed in the country outside ASEAN region (Southeast Asia). When the destination country is ASEAN, sometimes you don’t need to have a visa but only for short period of living. If you want to study abroad no matter where, you need to have a Visa.

There is a difference in making Passport and Visa. Passport filed and made at the immigration office while Visa can be made at the embassies of destination country that will be addressed in home country.

Here’s the thing to do to take care of passport at the immigration office in Indonesia

  1. Passport consists of:
    1. Passport electronic.
    2. Passport non-electronic.
  2. Passport as referred to point 1 published using Immigration Management Information Systems.
  1. For Indonesian citizens who are domiciled or located in the Territory of Indonesia, fill the form and attach the requirements:
    1. Valid ID Cards(KTP) and still valid or resi request ID Cards(KTP);
    2. The Family Card;
    3. The birth certificate, a marriage certificate or the marriage book, diplomas, or letter of baptism;
    4. A permit from the competent agency for who will be work overseas;
    5. Letter of naturalization Indonesian for Foreigners who acquire citizenship of Indonesia, through naturalization or submission of statement to choose citizenship in accordance with the terms regulation of statute;
    6. Rename determination letter from the competent authority who change the name.
  2. For Indonesian citizens are living outside Indonesian territory, fill the form and attach requirements:
    1. ID Cards local state, evidence, instructions, or description which indicates that the applicant residing in the country; and
    2. Old passport.
  3. Replacement of Passport Requirements For Lost or Damaged :
    1. Attach a letter loses passport from the local police for who is lost passport;
    2. Reporting to the Monitoring and Enforcement Section of Immigration to provide information about damage or loss of passports as outlined in Berita Acara Pemeriksaan (BAP);
    3. The file is concerned forwarded to the Head Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to get a decision;
    4. Decision of Head Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights can be either approval or rejection or delays;
    5. If the request of replacement is approved, requirements and the settlement process can be implemented as an application for a new passport.
  4. Replacement of Ordinary Passport Requirements For Validity Period Expires or Because Full Page Passport, for Passport which was published since September 2008, attaching:
    1. Passport;
    2. Valid ID Cards(KTP) and still valid or resi request ID Cards(KTP); and
    3. The Family Card.


  1. For Indonesian citizens who are domiciled or located in the Territory of Indonesia, passport request submitted to the Head Office of Immigration;
  2. For Indonesian citizens who are domiciled outside the Territory Indonesian, passport request filed with the immigration officers who are appointed by Chief Representative of Republic Indonesia;
  3. Publishing of passport at the Immigration Office made through the stages:
    1. Applicant or who are authorized fill out the form in accordance with the columns specified. In the event that the application is submitted via the website, hereinafter referred to as pre-request, the applicant or who are authorized must fill out the electronic form and scan requirements.
    2. Furthermore, for a passport submitted to the Immigration Office counter officers by the applicant or who are authorized accompanied the requirements that have been determined. In case the application is submitted via the website, applicant or who are authorized must submit the evidence of pre-request.
    3. Counter officers verify the original requirements brought by the applicant or a the authorized and then scanning the document, check the results of the scan and check the list of preventive.
    4. Counter officers rejected the application and provide proof of rejection, if found to Biodata details of applicant same with a list of prevention.
    5. Counter officers give a receipt to applicant who has met the requirement and the name not listed in the list of prevention.
    6. On the appointed day, applicant towards the counter Treasurer receiver to make the payment process.
    7. Treasurer receiver after received the payment, enter the number of perforations passport and print as well as giving a receipt of payment to applicant.
    8. Furthermore, applicants awaiting the call to capture the faces and fingerprints corresponding queue number that is stated in the queue. Queue machine will call automatically and displays the queue number on the screen.
    9. Applicant must come on when taking pictures of faces and fingerprints. Immigration officers do capture pictures of faces and fingerprints of the applicant in accordance with the number of queues.
    10. After the process of capturing pictures and fingerprints, applicant waiting for a call again for the interview process.
    11. Applicant must come up with a showing of the original document as a requirement at the time of the interview process.
    12. Officer interviews conducted research on the completeness original requirements document, print applicant Biodata, and then applicant signed the result of printing and passport cover.
    13. Interviewing Officer may suspend the next process if the results of the research found suspicions about the identity and the identity of applicant for do further research and, if the results of advanced research proved a violation of the immigration application may be rejected.
    14. After the interview process is completed and otherwise comply with the requirements, applicant are welcome to back again for taking passport within the specified time, then file request forwarded to the officer of printing.
    15. Immigration officers do printing applicant biodata page, and pages of notes authorized / official notes and page validation / endorsements (if needed) and make laminated passport cover and then to test the quality of the printing and lamination. If found defective doing replacement of a cover passport without tariffs.
    16. Head of Division / Section Head the authorized put initialed in passport and then Head of Immigration Office signed the the passport, and return it to the Immigration Officer for do calibration stamp duty and scan the signature page Head Office.
    17. Counter Officer handed over the passport to applicant or who are authorized, and the applicant or who are authorized signed the receipts passport in the revenue column.
    18. The completion time for a passport maximum period of 4 (four) business days after the interview process.
    19. The completion time for a passport as mentioned above do not apply for a passport is damaged, missing or duplicated.
  1. Term :
    1. Validity period of of Passport usual maximum of 5 (five) years from the date of issuance.
    2. Validity period of passport which was published to children dual nationality should not exceed the age of the child for declare choose his/her citizenship.
    3. The age limit of the child as referred to point 2 is determined in accordance with regulations of legislation.
  2. Cost :
    1. Passport 48 pages Rp. 200.000,-
    2. Electronic passport (e-passport) 48 pages Rp. 600.000,-
    3. Passport 24 pages Rp. 50.000,-
    4. Electronic passport (e-passport) 24 pages Rp. 350.000,-
    5. Passport 24 pages replacement of missing / damaged and still in effect caused because of negligence Rp. 100.000,-
    6. Electronic passport (e-passport) 24 pages, replacement of missing / damaged and still in effect caused because of negligence Rp. 400.000,-
    7. Passport 48 pages replacement of missing / damaged and still in effect caused because of negligence Rp. 400.000,-
    8. Electronic passport (e-passport) 48 pages, replacement of missing / damaged and still in effect caused because of negligence Rp. 800.000,-
    9. Services Using Passport Issuance System Technology Biometrics-based Rp. 55.000-,

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