KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY, JAPAN (JASSO Scholarship is available)


Kumamoto University invited Telkom University students to join IJEP (International Joint Education Program for Science and Technology) short-term exchange program offered by Graduate School of Science and Technology.


  • Program accepts qualified graduate students from Telkom university and provides education and research in English for maximum one year.
  • Students in this program will belong to a laboratory to conduct a research project under the guidance of an academic supervisor in GSST (Graduate School of Science and Technology).
  • In addition, they are required to take some lectures related to topics in environmental issues and the field trip to learn about the natural resources and related social issues.


  • Research project
  • Lectures (a certificate of credits will be issued by Dean of GSST) “Current Science and Technology in Japan” in fall semester (2 credits) is required.
  • Choice of 3 classes related to topics in environment issues is required.
  • Field trip
  • Final Report
  • Midterm and final presentations

*Exchange students can take most of lectures offered in GSST, if agreement from an instructor can be obtained.


6 months OR 12 months

The application information for IJEP General Admission in April 2019 is now open.

Please check the following website for more details;


Application deadline: November 28, 2018*

*All required documents should be arrived by post before 17:00
(Japanese Time), November 28, 2018.
*Please note that the applicants are requested to find a prospective
supervisor in Kumamoto University before application.


Students from the field of science and technology



80,000 Yen / month



  1. Graduate students from Electrical Engineering School
  2. Application Form (download here)
  3. Photocopy of the first page of passport.
  4. Certificate of Enrollment, including information such as expected date of completion.
  5. A letter of recommendation from a professor or a research supervisor who can evaluate the applicant’s personality and ability in study and research.
  6. Official transcripts in English of academic records from Telkom university, including information such as GPA and ranking.
  7. An official score of Test of English:

– Test of English Foreign Language (TOEFL)- iBT: > 71

– Test of English Foreign Language (TOEFL)- pBT: 530

– Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC): 700

– International English Language Testing System (IELTS): 6.0

further information, please check website at: https://www.fast.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/gsst-en/special/ijep_for_jasso/


  • This program requires a research project.
  • Please check for your department compatible academic interest: https://www.fast.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/home/
  • Highly recommended that applicants contact the prospective supervisor before apply for this program.
  • If you have already contacted a faculty member and received an agreement with your prospective supervisor, indicate in the application form (number 12). If not, we will find a suitable supervisor for 4 you, when you are chosen for a scholarship recipient.

How to find Prospective Supervisor (Professor) Graduate School of Science and Technology (GSST)

Kumamoto University-Japan

First step: decide your research interest

It is valid your master / doctoral course / postgraduate short-term research exchange program (it is suggested to have discussion with your supervisor at home university beforehand)

Second step: search Professor at Kumamoto University who had a same / similar topic with yours.

Please kindly check our Prospective Supervisors followings:

Try copy paste at web browser or direct link (click).

http://gsst.kumamoto-u.ac.jp/en/res act/

Try copy paste at web browser


Third step :Prepare your research summary and personal documents (in English)

  • Recent CV (put your photos as well)
  • Summary of your recent research and future research (1 sheet of A4 size is enough)
  • Latest transcript
  • ITP TOEFL Score (Min. 530) or IELTS 6.0

Fourth Step: Contact Professor via e-mail

Applicants may find the e-mail address of Professor’s via the above URL by clicking the designated names. Do not forget to put title of subject on your e-mail and introduce yourself kindly and briefly.

Wish you a best of luck!