Future Marketing Strategy, OJC TelU and UTP

Future Marketing Strategy, OJC TelU and UTP

Future Marketing Strategy or Eye on the Future Marketing Strategy is a topic of Online Joint Class Telkom University and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia held on June 23rd, 2023. Actually, this week was a pleasant one since we started another collaboration in holding an Online Joint Class (OJC). This time, Telkom University collaborates with Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), Malaysia. The 1st OJC was held on June 22nd, 2023, presenting the topic of How to be a Critical Reader: New Perspectives in New Times, delivered by Dr Ratih Hendayani from Telkom University and Dr Chong Su Li from UTP. Continued the next day (June 23rd, 2023) the 2nd OJC talked about the Future Marketing Strategy.


Future Marketing Strategy Highlights

Two great lecturers, Dr. Amjad Shamim from UTP and Dr. Adhi Prasetio from Telkom University explained clearly and interactively about the Eye on the Future Marketing Strategy. Dr. Amjad Shamim brought up the idea of the marketing strategy from time to time. On this Future Marketing Strategy class, Dr. Amjad also explained about human-centered philosophy and six trends to refocus.

The first trend to refocus in business is human experience that deals with identifying and quantifying the customers, employees, and partners. The second one is about fusion, which deals with great collaboration and new business models. Moreover, marketing in the fusion era means that we must recognize that our organization is competing with ecosystems, not industries. The third one in business as explained in the Future Marketing Strategy class is trust, which is highlighted on “big data needs big trust”. The next trend to refocus is participation. Participation trend in business means to unleash the power of the consumer as the brand advocate, with consumers becoming the brand of “media”. Then, Dr. Amjad said that talent is the next trend to refocus in business and last but not least, agility. Furthermore, in the Future Marketing Strategy class, Dr. Amjad added Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will not overtake human’s job, but to assist and to move fast forward side by side with human’s job.

This Future Marketing Strategy class then was continued by the 2nd speaker, Dr. Adhi Prasetio. In the Future Marketing Srategy class, he conveyed the idea on Digital Marketing. There are two beneficial aspects, which are Online Consumer Behavior Model and ESP Model. The former aspect relies on some behaviors, such as culture, social norms, psychological factors, background demographic factors, clickstream behavior. Meanwhile, the latter aspect, which is the ESP model, focuses on marketing strategy development. He, in the Future Marketing Strategy class, also defined artificial intelligence (AI) as the study of how to make computers do things at which, now, people are better. AI is also the ability of a machine to perform cognitive tasks that we associate with the human mind. With AI, we can argue, learn, and find solutions to problems independently. He also added on the evaluation that AI can do description, prediction, and prescription.

This OJC between TelU and UTP under the topic Eye on the Future Marketing Strategy was beneficial, indeed. We’re particularly grateful to have Dr. Amjad Shamin from UTP and Dr. Adhi Prasetio from TelU for giving us such a valuable input in business, especially the future marketing strategy. Hopefully through this OJC: Eye on the Future arketing Strategy, all participants can run a business well and successfully.

Always keep updated and join other our Online Joint Classes to gain more invaluable knowledge of the Future Marketing Strategy. See you all!



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