Exhibition Grant from DIKTI to IO Tel-U (IHEE 2014)

With regard to the activities of the Conference and Exhibition offers International Education European Association for International Education (EAIE) in 2014, which will be held in the Prague Congress Centre, Prague Czech Republic on 17-19 September 2014 and the Indonesian Higher Education Expo (IHEE) 2014 to be held in Egypt on 17-21 September 2014, the Directorate General of Higher Education has conducted an assessment of the proposals. Based on the review of the proposal the DG. Higher Education through the Directorate of Institutional Cooperation and set 8 (eight) universities will receive assistance to participate in the Conference and Exhibition International Education EAIE 2014 and the 11 (eleven) colleges to IHEE 2014 (list attached). This assistance covers the cost of registration, travel and accommodation for one (1) representative from each college.

Preparation and coordination of departure for EAIE and IHEE will be held in June (information time and place to be determined later). In this regard please for college winners to prepare the following documents:

  •      CVs in accordance with the attached format
  •      A copy of the identity of a valid passport
  •      Letter of Assignment of university leaders
  •      Forms stuffing college profile according to the attached format

For colleges that have not had the opportunity to get help, we say thank you for their participation and to better prepare themselves for the next year and remained active in efforts to develop international cooperation universities.

For more information, you may contact the staff of Sub Directorate of Inter-Agency Cooperation, namely:

     For EAIE, Ms.. Afriana Dyah R. (0818462446) or email: aratnapuri@dikti.go.id
     For IHEE, Br. Panji Tiyas P. (085643040398) or email: ptiyas@dikti.go.id

For your attention and good cooperation, we say thank you.

Jakarta, May 26, 2014
Director of Institutional and Cooperation


Hermawan Kresno Dipojono
NIP. 195602071980101001
CC :
Plt. Direktur Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi


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