The Alliance of 4 Universities (A4U) has been awarded funds (scholarship) under Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme. Through these funds, Staff / Lecturer from Telkom University have the opportunity to participate in mobility schemes.

Application deadline for Staff/Lecturer mobility program 23 January 2019.


Who can apply? 

The calls are open to Staff / Lecturer from Telkom University.


How long can the mobility be? 

Duration of Stay: 5 days.


What expenses are covered by the grant? 

Grant Total: € 2.620 consist:

– Subsistence: € 160/day

– fixed travel to cover the flight expenses: € 1.500


When can the mobility be carried out? 

Mobilities under these calls can be carried out during 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, and should end before 31 July 2020.


What are the deadlines? 

  • Call Closes : 23 January 2019
  • Publication of Selection Result : 15 February 2019


What activities During Mobility?

  • Staff Mobility can be for Teaching, Training, or both can be combined. Teaching and administrative staff can apply, the former being preferred.
  • During mobility for teaching, staff are expected to deliver at least 8 hours of teaching
  • Mobility for training is for professional development of teaching and administrative staff in the form of training event (Excluding conferences), job shadowing, observation periods, or training at the receiving institution.
  • Mobility can also be for teaching and training. In this case, the minimum number of hours of teaching per week is 4 hours.


How to apply?

Read carefully the relevant call for application (Attachment)


Requirement of Staff / Lecturer


Program Contents

Kindly check the details below:


More Information :

E-Mail :

International Office Telkom University

Bangkit Building 1st Floor,

Telkom University, Bandung, 40257