Problems that arise in industry and in the general public that require a touch of engineering (Complex Engineering Problems), especially in the field of Electrical Engineering, usually have the characteristics of problems that can only be solved or found a solution by someone who has deep knowledge. These problems involve engineering issues with a wide scope and conflict with each other and do not have unique and definite solutions, thus requiring abstraction of thought and in-depth analysis to formulate the most appropriate solution.

To prepare graduates who can solve complex engineering problems and meet professional quality standards, the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering study programme has formulated an up-to-date curriculum structure in accordance with market and industry needs, and in line with the criteria standardised by the Indonesian Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (IABEE).

Head Of Study ProgramStudy Length
Husneni Mukhtar, S. Si., M.T., Ph. D.4 Years (8 Semester)
Program Contact PersonAccreditation
+62 821-1977-0801Excellent


Why should you choose S1 Electrical Engineering?

In accordance with the specialisations that can be chosen by students, the S1 Electrical Engineering study programme has the following features:

  • Design of hardware applications for electronic systems, embedded systems, and control systems.
  • Signal acquisition and processing (electrical, biological, and other physical phenomena)
  • Implementation of control algorithms or artificial intelligence into electro-mechanical systems, automation systems or robotics.
  • The final project is a Capstone Design, with a minimum output of product prototypes that are useful for and used by the community.
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IoT EnginerIT Engineer
System Engineer