Edutrip Global

Dedicated to you who looking for a precious experience,

Edutrip is a program organized by International Office of Telkom University to improve global awareness and competitiveness, especially for Telkom University students and staffs. The name Edutrip has a meaning of Educative trip, therefore the trip accommodates universities/industries visit abroad.

The benefits to joining Educative Trip Program:

  • Global awareness and competitiveness
  • International Environment
  • Precious Experience
  • Best practice


  1. Singapore & Malaysia 4D3N
  2. Thailand 4D3N
  3. Taiwan 4D3N
  4. China 4D3N
  5. Hongkong 4D3N
  6. South Korea 6D4N
  7. Japan 6D4N
  8. Turkey 7D5N
  9. Vietnam & Cambodia 4D3N

* the price of those packages are subject to change due to the exchange rate and the number of participants (quota)

Package including:

  1. University and or industry visit
  2. City tour
  3. Accommodation**

** exclude flight tickets.

As for your information the date of trip is subject to change depend on the quota and we will always match it with the campus holiday (in accordance with the university academic calendar).

Terms and Conditions :

1. Having Passport

2. In a good health/condition to travel overseas

3. Willing to follow the rules

4. Willing to visit International Office of Telkom University in case of force major

5. Willing to pay the Edutrip fee

6. The latest application of each Program is within 1 months before the due date.









Previous Program:

  1. Edutrip Road to Singapore & Malaysia 2015
  2. Edutrip Road to South Korea & Jeju