Cross Culture Program 2021

Cross Culture Program 2021

Cross Culture Program 2021 is a mobility program designed by Telkom University Indonesia and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia. This Cross Culture Program 2021 emphasizes the cultural exchange (cross culture) between Indonesian culture and Malay culture covering:

  1. Cross Cultural Discussion & Performance (Gamelan and Dance)
  2. Cross Art & Craft Session (Batik & Chinese Calligraphy)

This amazing and exciting virtual 2021 Cross Culture Program was held in two days (16 and 17 October 2021) and was participated by a number of students from Telkom University, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia, and other Indonesian universities. Attended by representatives from Telkom University Indonesia and Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malaysia, the Opening Ceremony which was held on Saturday morning (16/10/2021) went smoothly, right before the 1st session was employed. Lia Yuldinawati, ST., MT, Director of Strategic Partnerships and International Office of Telkom University welcomed the participants and hoped that all participants could experience other forms of cultural excursion through the Cross Culture Program 2021. In line with Ms. Lia Yuldinawati, AP Dr. Nurlidia Binto Mansor, Director of International Office of Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, expressed her gratitude for finally being able to implement and welcome the participants of the Cross Culture Program 2021. She hoped that through this Cross Culture Program 2021 all participants can enrich their knowledge and respect each other culture and heritage while accommodating and cooperating with one another.

Cross Cultural Session

In the 1st day of the Cross Culture Program 2021, guided by Ms. Dania Zaki, as a moderator in Cross Culture Session, all participants exposed to the Malay Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan activities, presented by:

  1. Teungku Umar Ilany and Muhammad Khairul Ikhwan, speakers from UTP
  2. I Kade Andre Pramana Putra and I Gede Nanda Arya Saputra, speakers from Telkom University

The discussion on Gamelan activities ran interactively covering:

  1. Brief introduction on what Malay Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan are
  2. History and uniqueness of both Gamelan activities
  3. How relevance Malay Gamelan and Balinese Gamelan influenced the society
  4. Effort on sustaining Gamelan activities

In addition, all participants also watched the showcase of the Malay Gamelan and the Balinese Gamelan to see the uniqueness as well as the greatness of the two Gamelan activities which somehow there’s a magical thing involved. From the discussion session, we got information that in the past time, Gamelan was only played and enjoyed at royal family events. In fact, the Malay Gamelan, back then, was played as a lullaby for the king.

Besides Gamelan activities, on 2nd day of the cross cultural session there were also discussion on Malay Dance including Zapin Dance, Ngajat Iban Dance, and Madah Teruah Dance by inviting Hanis & Darrence, students from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malyasia as the speakers. In other hand, from Balinese Dance, Tari Barong was presented and discussed. Those dances are usually played in some festivals, religious ceremony, wedding ceremony, and other ceremonies.

Cross Arts & Craft Session

For the cross art and craft session, Batik as Indonesia craft was introduced by Ms Morinta Rosandini, S.Ds., M.Ds, the speaker from Telkom University, while Chinese Calligraphy  was shared by Kenneth Chong Yih Haur, student from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Malyasia. Nowadays Batik is combined into the modern clothes with using various patterns, various kinds of fabrics and ornaments, and various techniques. Likewise, the Chinese Calligraphy is also enjoyed not only by Chinese people but also other people coming from various nationalities and various range of ages.

This Cross Culture Program 2021 was absolutely interesting and fun, because, in addition to adding insight into the culture of Malaysia and Indonesia, this Cross Culture Program 2021 can also strengthen cultural cooperation between the two countries.(IO)***

Cross Culture Program 2021