BESTrIP which stands for Business-Engineering Short Course and Immersion Program is an annual program conducted by Telkom University. It provides a two-week short course and immersion for all participants all around the globe in the field of business and engineering as well as providing rich exposure to diverse Indonesian social and multicultural life.



Telkom University offers BESTrIP as part of a Global Academic Program that is aimed towards the vision of Tel-U; to be a World Class University. This program offers awesome opportunities for students abroad to taste the education and life in Indonesia with its diverse cultures and sites. BESTrIP is held in two exotic and magnificent places in Indonesia i.e Bandung and Bali. Held for two weeks, BESTRiP offers four courses i.e Business and Engineering such as Ecopreneurship: The Rainbow Fruits from Indonesia (B1); Digital Marketing in Emerging Country (B2); Wireless IoT for Smart Cities (E1) and Coding Theory & Signal Processing in 5G Era (E2). At the end of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion. Students are also provided convenient accommodation, multi-cuisine meals and transportation during their stay.

Besides having regular classes, students are enriched with many outside valuable experiences. Vast workshops of cultures and business including making silver, dancing Indonesian traditional dance and making traditional bamboo instruments (angklung) are ready for them. Additionally, several visits to company sites are also well arranged.


Class hours

Morning                09:00 – 12:00

Afternoon             14:00 – 16:00





1. Visit Website

Find the initial information about BESTrIP on bestrip.telkomuniversity.ac.id

2. Apply Online

Register by applying online on link provided https://io.telkomuniversity.ac.id/bestrip

3.Submit Application

Fill out the form and complete the required documents.

4.Complete Payment

Payment instruction can be found on our website. Indonesian Students : Bank BNI Virtual Account Cabang Perintis Kemerdekaan, account number 8321066201800008 named BESTrIP -Universitas Telkom. Please add virtual account fee Rp. 2.500,- on each transfer. International Students : using wire transfer to Bank Mandiri, KK STT Telkom Bandung, account number 131-00-0677-367-7 named Universitas Telkom. There is no refund for cancellation after payment is made.

5.Receive Letter of Acceptance

Receive the Letter of Acceptance from us through e-mail. The letter of acceptance can be used to apply for visa.


For further details kindly download the handbook here.

Download application form here.