Again, Creative Industry Students Get First Winner in National User Interface Experience Ideafuse Competition 2015

Again, Creative Industry Students Get First Winner in National User Interface Experience Ideafuse Competition 2015

Bandung-TelU, Faculty of Creative Industry Tel-U students (FIK Tel-U) successfully get first winner in National Co,petition User Interface User Experience Ideafuse 2015. They are Gilang Ananda Sugianto, Muhridhon Ahmad, and Septian Adiguna Visual Communications and Design students 2011.

Gilang said, this competition challenging students to design system and product that user-oriented, so they can use the applications easily and comfortable. ‘The participants have to create a good interface design and also create a good experience for the user.’ on Friday, (5/29/’15)

Gilang and the team made a redy-to-use proposal in preliminary stage. Those proposal include the background of product, purpose, and segmen & target planned user. Beside that, the team have to present the navigation, architecture, and applications restriction and system product design inside the proposal.

‘We passed to the final. In this stage we have to make a good product system. The team being requested to present the product demonstration in front of the jury. Our product is UI/UX App Mobile MagTrip Design’ Gilang said.

MagTrip is an applications that facilitate the user to search information about tourist destinations Magelang city, at once the user can play in real life on special feature, ‘MAIN’. In this app, the team want to raise Magelang city potention as one of best tourist destination in Indonesia. Beside Borobudur, Magelang still have another tourist destination that as interesting as another destination in Indonesia.

This competition is organized by STMIK-STIE Mikroskil, Medan. Bring ‘Technology and Informations Role on Tourism Industry’ as a theme, this competition followed by students from various university in Indonesia. Gilang tells, that the competitor have many advantages to spell out their idea of product technically. But, Telkom University representative didn’t lose and take the first winner in the competitions.

“We prepare our product and present them as well as we can. The preparations include interactive appearance, 1:1 appearance on smartphone and verbal presentations to convince the jury,” said Gilang (purel/risca/io/amy)

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