After Class Talk “Culture Shock: Navigating Cultural Differences”

After Class Talk “Culture Shock: Navigating Cultural Differences”

Culture Shock. Culture Shock is an intricate and transformative phenomenon that unfolds as individuals find themselves immersed in the unfamiliar, sparking a dynamic interplay of emotions and adjustments. Culture Shock emerges as a catalyst for personal growth, transcending mere observation and actively contributing to the global tapestry of interconnectedness, mutual appreciation, and cross-cultural enrichment.


After Class Talk Culture Shock returns in this February edition on International Student Series, delving into the theme of Culture Shock : Navigating Cultural Differences. ACT Culture Shock invites international students Abir from Bangladesh and Hilton from Zimbabwe as speakers for the Culture Shock session, held on February 29th, 2024.


The event “Culture Shock : Navigating Cultural Differences” is hosted by our two MCs, Haya and Krisna, who are new members of IOSBC Gen 11. Starting the first interval, Abir shared his perspective on Culture Shock. According to Abir, he honestly did not experience Culture Shock when he first landed in Indonesia. Why did Abir not experience Culture Shock? For Abir, there are many similarities between Bangladesh and Indonesia, especially the fact that both are predominantly Muslim-populated countries. This similarity helped Abir feel at home more quickly.

In contrast, Hilton, he experienced culture shock upon his arrival in Indonesia. He was somewhat surprised when facing Indonesians who were very polite. In his home country, Zimbabwe, people are not as polite as Indonesians. Moreover, the form of attention from Indonesians, who are fond of asking questions, made Hilton somewhat uncomfortable at first. For him, these small things were the initial forms of culture shock upon arriving in Indonesia.

In addition to the insights from Hilton and Abir, the MCs also invited participants to discuss this culture shock. Moreover, there was a quiz with prizes for the winners in this. This After Class Talk Culture Shock was very intriguing, and participants were highly engaged with the speakers.

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