International Office Telkom University has several annual program which has purpose to provide comfort and improve the relationship between international students and local students during their stay in Indonesia.

Telkom Bhinneka Race

It’s an annual event which was held in series with welcoming the new international students, celebrating the independence day of Indonesia and the anniversary of Telkom University. The main purpose of TBRace was to gather International Students to get to know each other, get new experience about Indonesian Culture, get to know more about campus life, and play some fun games “ala” Indonesian.

Cooking Day

This event was arranged by International Office in cooperation with International Office Student Buddy Club. Dedicated to our beloved international students who might miss her/his home cooking. One of the purposes of this event is we would like to gather between the international students and Indonesian students. Besides, also we’d like to introduce traditional cuisines from another countries to all participants. I was hoping this event could expand the students knowledge about cuisines.


International Office of Telkom University proudly presents the international students and buddy gathering program. This annual program  has a purpose to refreshing our beloved international students mind and body before starting a new semester.