What to Expect at University

What to Expect at University

Have you ever wondering what to expect at University? High school finals are done, beautiful summer holiday is also over. It’s time to get back to reality after all of those sweet ice cream vanilla and all of those sweaty fun days.  It’s time to start studying in university. Transition from high school to university isn’t as beautiful as movies offer or as scary as other people describe. High school to university can be a big jump. The reality and expectation of studying at the undergraduate level most of the time are different with what its actually offers.

The first semester at university probably is the busiest and the most excited days of young adult’s life. This is where the students start to adjust with their environment. During the first semester usually the moment where new students are having the “shocking” moment. Where new students will adjust with the rules, the way of teaching method and the new way of socializing. If previously you are used with the uniform and full classes from 08.00 AM until 05.00 PM every day, in university they will have to adjust with different kind of schedules and time gaps between classes.

Independent Living and Study

When you were in high school, teachers tend to be there through all of your difficulties in assignments or homework. Teachers will ensure that the work is completed. The role of university lecturer is to provide students with a framework and the skills from which they can explore their academic subject.

Assignments are also different between these two levels. While in high school you are doing assignments or essay based on certain chapters. In university you have to explore more than a chapter. It’s not uncommon when lecturer will give you a theme then you have to figure your topic by yourself then turn it into a paper.

Typical high school student is going everywhere in groups even if it’s a bathroom. If you are the type of person who only hangs in groups, in university whether you like it or not, you have to learn to be with yourself only. Yes, you will make friends, and have a wonderful time with them, but unlike high school, you won’t be able to be with them all the time due to different schedules and need.


In university you are responsible for your own actions. If you are absence when you are in high school, your teacher probably will make sure your wellbeing by calling your home. University, if you miss a class or a week, there won’t be parents’ interruption or the whole class visiting you. You are more likely to be your own. In university you will learn how to spend your time and how to be more wise spending your allowance and most likely to be wise on how to manage your life during the study.


University is another whole new level, the thought of freedom often come inside new students head. Thinking that university will be like all of those movies and tv shows when its actually not. It’s not always rainbows, parties and falling in love with the first sight.

  • You have to learn to choose who will get along with you and whose not. Most of us tend to settle with whoever they are even though we know that we are not comfortable with them. Do not settle for it, and it’s okay to be alone rather than losing your own mind.
  • You probably won’t be able to provide yourself with full course meal, get 8 hours of sleep or socializing normally like you do in high school. That’s totally okay, eventually you will learn how to put yourself together. (Pooja/IO)

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