Tips to Survive in University

Tips to Survive in University

Starting university can be a really tough challenge, especially for those who’ve just left high school. But hey, university years will be part of your best and worst experience you’ll have. University life will pass real quick like a snap of a finger. We offer our best tips to help you survive your university life, specially your first year.

Make sure it will keep you interested

Always go after what you interested in or deeply in love with. Studying in university is lots harder than high school. You probably will face lots of identity issue during your first year, especially for the students from another part of the country or from another country. Without the interest you have towards the field of study it will make your journey of university a lot harder since you will lose your motivation.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Don’t force yourself to ace every subjects, to impress every lecturers, to have tons of friends across the city. Please remember that you will be in much trouble already, and being hard on yourself won’t help you. Learn to acknowledge yourself, what do you like, what you good at, what you want to learn. You are your own best friend, don’t create gap inside you.

Find a balance between activities and embrace opportunities

Being in university is not only about hanging out with your friends, take pictures, upload it and tell the world how perfect your life is. Yes, you need to socialize with your friends, having a social life is important. But remember, in university you are responsible of every action of yours, so be wise. Remember to study twice hard then your party. Always be open for another options. Try new opportunities, don’t stuck only on your homework. Get involved in something you never try before, you might surprise yourself with the result.

Get your way around the university

If you are studying in big campus, it might take the whole 4 years to know your way if you don’t bother to get acquainted with the university. Starts with the building you will have classes in, know where the bathrooms are, the stairs, labs, it will help you to move faster.

It’s not a playground anymore where your parents will find or do something for you. But this time, they won’t be there to ask questions for you. When you need help, don’t be ashamed or shy to ask. Reach out to your classmates, lecturers, tutors and other support staff.

Find out about the clubs and join one or two of them which you are interested in. Don’t overwhelmed yourself with many clubs but ended up skipping everything because you have too much on your plate. (Pooja/IO)