Telkom University as the Best Private University

Telkom University as the Best Private University


Bandung, Telkom University as the best private university successfully become the 1st best private institution for the last three years in reputable scientific publications. Which is mean Telkom University is the 1st private university that publish the biggest number of research. This rank was based on Science and Technology Index (SINTA) by Kemenristekdikti. Indonesia.

This rapid growth of Telkom University’s education quality isn’t stop in one category, not only nominated as the best university for research publication three years in row. Telkom University also nominated as the 6th best private university in Indonesia in 2018. There are many sources that provide information about university’s ranking. Every source have their own criteria. This current rank that Telkom University achieved based on three different sources: Kemenristekdikti, Webometrics, and UniRank.

Kemenristekdikti’s education quality rated by four main components: Institutional quality, quality of human resources (HR), quality of student activities, quality of research and scientific publications.

Meanwhile, Webomatrics scales the universities in another way. Webomatrics’s institution quality rated by data: Presence, Impact. Openness and Excellence. Presence is the amount of the university’s website available in Google. Impact is the unique amount   of external links (amount of backlinks) received by the university web domains (in links) detected by the Google search engine. Openness is the number of document files, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint are online / open under the domain of university websites detected by the Google Scholar search engine. Excellence is the number of scientific articles of the respective college publications indexed at Scimago Institution Ranking and in Google Scholar.

UniRank or formerly known as 4ICU (4 International Colleges and Universities) institution quality rated by: institution accreditation, the institution has to be at least consist of 4 years study program of undergraduate or post-graduate programs, and the institution provides traditional or face to face learning method of teaching.

Based on these criteria from; Kemenristekdikti, Webomatrics and UniRank combined all together. Telkom University in this 2018 successfully achieved the 6th position of the best private University. Meanwhile for the ranking as the best private University for research publications is based on Kemenristekdikti only. Telkom University is dedicated to improve the institution quality and will not stop improving because Telkom University is there to provide the best education for its students. (Pooja / IO)


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