TIP Community Lab

TIP Community Lab

TIP Community Lab. Telkom University made another breakthrough after previously succeeding in creating various innovations to help overcome the spread of Covid-19. This time, Telkom University as the Best Private University No. 1 in Indonesia which focuses on Research and Entrepreneurial University, together with GSMA, Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and also cellular network operators in Indonesia created the TIP Community Lab which is established as the first TIP in Indonesia. The soft launch of Telkom University as The 1st TIP in Indonesia was held online through the Hopin application at Gedung Sapta Pesona Jakarta on July 22, 2020.

The TIP Community Lab was launched as the first step in a new collaboration between GSMA, TIP, the Government of Indonesia, Telkom University, and cellular network operators (MNO) to support the ‘Making Indonesia 4.0’ program.⁣

This collaboration will seek to advance digital and economic growth in Indonesia through testing and validation based on TIP standards. This initial process will open and sort network technology in laboratories and in the field, promote the adoption of commercially viable solutions, build local talent collections, and grow a strong and diverse telecommunications ecosystem, including startup companies.

It is planned that the TIP Community Lab located on the campus of Telkom University will be inaugurated in November 2020. Therefore, it will be added to the list of TIP locations worldwide, namely: ⁣

1. Madrid, Spain (Europe) ⁣

2. London, England (Europe) ⁣

3. Adastral Park, England (Europe) ⁣

4. Berlin, Germany (Europe) ⁣

5. Turin, Italy (Europe) ⁣

6. Manesar, India (Asia) ⁣

7. Tokyo, Japan (Asia) ⁣

8. Menlo Park, USA (America) ⁣

9. North LA, US (America) ⁣

10. Kansas City, USA (America) ⁣

11. Louisiana, USA (America) ⁣

12. Sao Paulo, Brazil (America) ⁣

13. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (America) ⁣

14. Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia (Asia)

With the existence of the TIP Community Lab, it is expected that together, we can collaborate to create and test various innovations to support Indonesia in this digital era. Joining Telkom University in the TIP Community Lab is one of real acts of Telkom University to always contribute to the nation as we realize that collaboration is very important nowadays.(IO)***