MMU Virtual Inbound Exchange Programme

MMU Virtual Inbound Exchange Programme

MMU Virtual Inbound Exchange Programme. Did Covid-19 pandemic mean you have to postpone your study abroad plan? Yes and No. If you plan to go overseas for the study, then it is a “yes”. But if you open for other option like shifting the plan to “online study”, then no, you don’t have to postpone it.

We do have good news for Telkom University International Class’ students. Currently, from our communication with Multimedia University (MMU) Malaysia, we informed that they welcome Telkom University’s students for “Virtual Inbound Exchange Programme” in their university. Isn’t great? You don’t want to miss the opportunity.

What is “Virtual Inbound Exchange Programme”?

It is the program where you can study for a period of time in university overseas, get credits, but online. So, you don’t have to go abroad and spared from Covid-19 transmission.

Why you don’t want to miss it?

Because it is saver, more affordable, and simpler.

When is the program timeline?

  • Web application: 31 July-30 September 2020
  • Registration Day: 10 November 2020
  • Class commences: 23 November 2020
  • Final Exam: TBA

What is the program eligibility?

  1. Telkom University international class’ students
  2. Have completed at least one year of full-time study
  3. Nominated by International Office to join the program
  4. Holder of TOEFL/EPrT certificate of minimum score 500
  5. Holder of minimum GPA 3.0 and above.

How to apply for the program?

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on APPLY NOW
  3. Select I’M APPLYING FOR MYSELF and enter your passport number, official name and email address
  4. Click on REGISTER and you will get your Registration ID
  5. After receiving Registration ID, click APPLY NOW
  6. Please select EXCHANGE STUDENT in the Programme drop down button, then proceed to key in the other details till the end.
  7. Once the Online Application has been completed, you will be given the Application ID and you are required to download and save the APPLICATION REPORT
  8. Fill the registration form in this link:

What is the required documents?

Once students have completed the online registration, please send the following documents via cc

  1. Completed registration form (Inbound mobility form)
  2. Academic transcript
  3. Evidence of English Language proficiency
  4. Application report
  5. Students ID

Faculty list in MMU:

  1. Faculty of Applied Communication
  2. Faculty of Creative Multimedia
  3. Faculty of Engineering
  4. Faculty of Computing & Informatics
  5. Faculty of Management
  6. Faculty of Business
  7. Faculty of Information Science & Technology
  8. Faculty of Law
  9. Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  10. Faculty of Cinematic Arts

Contact Person

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact International Office of Telkom University in
Phone  : +62 813 2112 3400
Email   :
Web     : (IO)***