Cooking Day 4.0 Reportation

Cooking Day 4.0 Reportation

Hey, Peeps ‘Sup!

We were holding a Cooking Day 4.0 “Homey Delicacy Around The World” on November 20th 2015. This event was arranged by International Office in cooperation with International Office Student Buddy Club. There were 13 countries joining this event and serving 18 traditional cuisines. Those were Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hongkong, Indonesia, Kyrgystan, Malaysia, Netherland, South Korea, Tajikistan, Timor Leste and Zimbabwe.

“One of the purposes of this event is we would like to gather between the international students and Indonesian students. Besides, also we’d like to introduce traditional cuisines from another countries to all participants. I was hoping this event could expand the students knowledge about cuisines.”, said Imran Maulana the coordinator of event.

Cooking Day 4.0 was simply different with our last Cooking Day, because the guests who are attending this event and tasting the cuisines had to pay starting from Rp 1000. All the money that had been collected would be donated. “Even though it’s hot outside, I still enjoy these traditional foods from many countries. The international students are so friendly and the most thing I like is the money I paid will be donated.”, said Dini, 4th year student in Information System of Telkom University.

More than 500 people joined in this event and enjoyed the international taste. Based on the vote “Wenteltefges” – a traditional cuisine from Netherland got the most favourite cuisine award. Besides, there were three winners based on taste, cooking process, and well serving. “Sgnor Crouk Moun & Cha Sach Koa Katoem Barang” traditional cuisine from Cambodia got the 3rd place, “Shakarob & Plov” traditional cuisine from Tajikistan got the 2nd place and “Kabuli Rice” from Afghanistan got the 1st place. The judges were Ersy Erviana and Guntur Prabawa Kusuma from Hospitality Programme of Telkom University and Dendi Gusnadi from Indonesian Chef Association.

1) Netherlands – Wentelteefjes
2) Italy – Pasta Al Pesto
3) Timor Leste – Koto
    Timor Leste – Salada
4) Malaysia
1- Ambur Chicken Biryani
2- Kuah Sambal Tumis
5) Cambodia
1- Sgnor Crouk Moun
2- Cha Sach Koa Ktoem Barang
6) Tajikistan – Shakarob
    Tadjikistan – Plov
7) South Korea – Kimchijeon
8) Indonesia – Rujak Jawa
    Indonesia – Gulai
9) Afghanistan – Kabuli
10) Zimbabwe – Machikichori
11) Bangladesh – Sweet Payesh
12) Kyrgiztan – Olivier
     Kyrgiztan – Crab Salad
13) Hongkong – Chinese Dumpling

Cooking Day is one of the events in International Office’s program. There will be more events waiting for you, so just keep in touch with us by follow us on instagram @buddyTelkom and for more information about our events ;)


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