Crossing Culture Through Togetherness

Crossing Culture Through Togetherness

Subang, (Tel-U) – When u try to recognize a culture of a nation, it is best to involve with their activities. This is exactly what Telkom University International Office did last Sunday (6/12) at Ciater Subang. They took at least 30 Telkom University international students to participate in a gathering and out bond, along with their “buddies”, local students who have been international students partner.

Some of the international students can speak Bahasa well. But, some others only speak English. Yet, they were managed to understand all the instructions that communicate by the instructor. Of course there were misunderstanding here and there, but overall, the activities went well and everybody happy.

Witnessed all the fuss of the gathering and out bond, Telkom University Vice Rector III Bapak AMA. Suyanto, Ir., MBA., DBA. hoped that the activity could simplify the cross culture process between the international students and Indonesian cultures. This is important for Telkom University who wish to be a World Class University (WCU) in 2017.

“We are going global! So Tel-U and the students must be prepared for it. I think this kind of activity works really well to help us think and act global. Remember, MEA is happening soon,” he said.

Meanwhile, Telkom University Director of Admission Ibu Rinna Fridiana added that the registrant from overseas increase every year. She hoped that Telkom University can facilitate more international students along with the diplomatic expansion of Indonesian government.(Lia Marlia)***

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