Tel-U goes to EHEF (European Higher Education Fair)

Tel-U goes to EHEF (European Higher Education Fair)



Dedicated for all students of Telkom University, International Office will accommodate you to broaden your knowledge especially on European Higher Education through this event. This is a special support dedicated for you who really want to study at European country.

Register yourself and get your seat to see the Education Fair at International Office (during office hour Monday-Friday). This event is free actually, but on the registration process please prepare IDR 50.000 as a guarantee that you will join the event (we will return your money at the D-Day).

In which part of Europe would you like to study?

Find the information directly from the representative of universities and colleges in Europe.
How to apply, admission requirements, application deadlines, tuition fees, grading systems, study visa, residence permit and etc.

What could you expect at EHEF Indonesia?

Meet the official representatives of European higher education institutions and their national representatives:
Get the first-hand information about details of their study programmes, enrolment procedures, scholarships, language requirements, living conditions and other related issues.

Discover funding possibilities to study in Europe:
Various scholarship schemes for Indonesian students are offered by European and national governments.
Individual higher education institutions from the EU also offer financial support to students.

Country Presentation:
There will be country and EU presentation in EHEF Indonesia. Find information regarding your study destination country during EHEF.
Find out more about study opportunities and scholarship programmes.

Europe will open your eyes to a brand new opportunity

Experience the first class and advance education and research that are valued and respected by the employers all around the world. At the same time, let you live your life to the fullest. Enrich yourself with the exciting various culture, architecture, landmarks, nature’s beauty, point of interest, and many more. With over than 4,000 European universities and colleges that offer various subjects and disciplines, in over than 30 different countries, you will find a broad opportunity to explore and pursue the course and degree that suits your interest and needs.

Choose your field of study! Your choice is limitless – from highly ranked research university to applied sciences university; from a degree to a short tailored made course. Learn English, history, political sciences, social sciences, natural science, and many more, or simply immerse yourself in a fully new culture and language. From the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa, you can explore and experience a truly diverse and multicultural region, along with a rich academic history that has been well known for its quality for thousands of years.

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