Techbros & Telkom University in Global Internship

Techbros & Telkom University in Global Internship

Techbros & Telkom University in Global Internship. On Thursday, June 10th, 2021, the Grand Launching of Global Internship Telkom University and Techbros has been held attended by more than two hundreds participants including top leaders of Telkom University, lecturers and students. Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya, the Rector of Telkom University, had the opportunity to officially launch this collaboration between Telkom University, Indonesia & Techbros, Germany in organizing an internship program for Telkom University students. Besides having the officially grand launching, in this event, there were also leader’s talk in form of webinar delivered by the CEO and founder of Techbros and discussion session regarding the implementation of the Global Internship Program at Techbros.

Conducting internship programs in companies, especially in foreign companies, is not something new for students of Telkom University because this program is believed to provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in the working world, increase insight, sharpen mentality and expand networking. Therefore, every year, Telkom University always tries to find company partners, not only domestically but also internationally to facilitate Telkom University students to develop their potential in the internship program which is expected in time of entering real work world, they are ready to work and to innovate maximally.

Yudhi Rahardian, CEO and founder of Techbros welcomes Telkom University students to join a project at Techbros through Global Internship Program. Techbros is an IoT startup company in Europe and Germany that was established in 2017 with the aim of providing solutions that are not only on paper but solutions based on hands on experience. Through their extensive industry expertise, razor-sharp focus, and innovative support options, Techbros works to get to know the clients to identify what’s working and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Techbros & Creative-Finding

People who join Techbros including Internship participants from Telkom University must be able to work and grow together by having several excellent characteristics, including: Out of the box, Though Problem Solver, Responsibility, Natural Born Leader, Collaboration, Passion of New Things, Persistence, Teamwork, Public Speaking and Analytical Mindset. In simple words, Techbros asks all elements to be creative-finding something new and fresh in generating the idea. In addition, they must be prepared for troubleshooting solution after the product is launched so that they can continue to innovate with a high curiosity base to create excellent products which of course in the process of creating one can be done through teamwork and collaboration.

Mr. Yudhi also explained the overview of the internship program at Techbros including preparation, selection, and implementation of internships. Registered students next will be scheduled to interview session with Techbros to seek for participants’ interest and talent in order to be grouped in the right project. For about 2 months and a half participants will be grouped in the project which is divided into 3 fellowship program: 5G Technology, Big Data, and AI. At the end of the internship program, the good news is that Techbros will also provide an opportunity for internships alumni to build a career at Techbros and provide recommendations to alumni to Techbros partners.

Last remark from Mr. Yudhi: “technology will continue to develop even as we as controllers must develop. Don’t be lulled by one technological advance, we must quickly adapt and prepare for future technological advances”.(IO)***

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