Scholarship for Timorese

Scholarship for Timorese

Scholarship for Timorese. Good news for Timorese! Telkom University and the Secretary of Human Capital Development Fund (FDCH) Timor Leste had a meeting at Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia, on Thursday (14/03/19). They were discussed about the scholarship program for Timorese, so there will be more opportunity for Timorese in Telkom University.

The meeting was attended by Ismenio Martins da Silva from FDCH and the delegates, and Telkom University’s Vice Rector Dr. Dida Diah Damajanti, S.T., M.Eng.Sc. with International Office management. Dida explained that Telkom University has been provided scholarship for international student every year, and Timorese is the largest applicants. In 2019, Telkom University provides IDR 7 Billion worth of scholarship.

“We have positive response for the past 3 years from Timorese. So it would be a pleasure for us to work together with FDCH for scholarship program,” she added.

Many Telkom University’s graduates is doing well in Timor Leste now. They have contributed to the development of the country in many fields, like economic and telecommunication industry. So to have the opportunity to help creates better future for Timorese is an honor for Telkom University.

Meanwhile, Ismenio said that the government noticed Telkom University’s commitment to Timorese education, and very thankful about that. He also mentioned that Telkom University is one of the university with high quality in Indonesia. This has caught Timorese government’s attention.

“Today we have some collaborations with universities in Indonesia, and we intend to evaluate the cooperation. Since we want to focus to good university,” he said.

The scholarship’s collaboration is plan to start for 2020 intake. Ismenio said he is interesting with master program in Telkom University. He thinks that employees in the ministry need to upgrade their education’s level to master degree.

“We came here to get more info about the programs and the admission process,” he added. (IO)***