Sharing Session with University of Essex

Sharing Session with University of Essex

Sharing Session with University of Essex. The Regional Development Manager for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, University of Essex, Ms. Christabel visited Telkom University on Friday (29/03/19), to have sharing session in Tokong Nanas Building, Telkom University.

Cristabel as a representative from the University of Essex, UK, had a chance to meet Telkom University students for personal sharing and discussed their future. begin with an information session, she talked about experiential academic, campus life, funding, and scholarship.

The University of Essex is a public research university has three campuses all based in the east of England.  The university is spread over three campuses in Colchester, Southend, and Loughton. Every location has uniqueness. The interesting In Colchester Campus also known as campus cat, many cats roam around the campus you can find and adopted.

The courses available are organized into three faculties: humanities, science and health and social science. Within these three faculties, there are 20 different schools and departments.

Students can join many different societies and sports teams including table tennis, fencing, lacrosse, and American football as well as less traditional sports such as korfball and ultimate frisbee. Student sports teams are known as the Essex Blades.

Another facility is student support can provide a wide range of issues, such as visas, accommodation, and employment while at the University of Essex. Working as part-time jobs with a Student visa is common in the UK

After a presentation with Telkom University Students, Cristabel had a short discussion with the International Office to start Friendship Agreement and guest lecture. The University of Essex offers to send some of their professors to sharing knowledge for Telkom University students. The discussion atmosphere is very positive and welcoming.  

If you like to be active you can take advantage of sharing session today! So many opportunity to go abroad just by attend a sharing session in Telkom University(YY)***