Collaboration with Silpakorn

Collaboration with Silpakorn

While the delegates were in Telkom University, they have discussion meeting with Dean of Telkom University Creative Industry Faculty Dr. Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen, Drs., M.Sn, International Office, and several lecturers. Didit said that he is very happy with the meeting and the discussion they had is extensive and familiar. Both delegates agree that they have the same vision about the collaboration.

“We’ve been waiting for this opportunity. We hope that this collaboration would be possible soon,” he added.

Mutual Cooperation

The same positive response also showed by Silpakorn University’s delegate, Vichaya Mukdamanee, D.Phil.. As one of the well known university in Thailand, it is their vision to collaborate with university in other country. They have cooperated with some universities in Indonesia, and really excited about the plan they have with Telkom University.

From the discussion, Telkom University and Silpakorn University agreed to send some of their professors and students to each university, to do a workshop. Silpakorn University also expects to have other form of cooperation like student exchange and joint research. Mukdamanee said that it would become a bilateral mutual cooperation between universities.

The visit continued with campus tour, where some lecturers showed their guests spots around Telkom University campus. The Creative Industries Faculty building itself has a lot to show, especially related with the works of their students, and the awards that the faculty has achieved for the past 5 years. Didit also managed to discuss some possible program that the two universities can have in the future, while showing the faculty’s facilities. “Basically, Telkom University is ready for any collaboration proposal. If it’s possible to overcome, then we’re going to do it. Especially with a partner like Silpakorn University,” he said. (IO)***